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Choosing with care starts here. Pieces crafted from at least 50 per cent recycled materials.

The women's F-Dry t-shirt

€ 34,95 - € 49,95

The X-Alp Linencool MTB tee

€ 45,40 - € 45,45

The Active 365 t-shirt

€ 31,40 - € 44,95

The men's F-Dry tank

€ 31,40 - € 44,95

The Zeroweight running vest

€ 62,95 - € 89,95

The Active 365 t-shirt

€ 31,40 - € 44,95

The women's F-Dry singlet

€ 31,40 - € 44,95

The men's F-Dry t-shirt

€ 34,95 - € 49,95

The Essentials cycling jacket

€ 69,95 - € 76,95

The Active 365 tank top

€ 31,40 - € 31,45

The Zeroweight running jacket

€ 69,95 - € 99,95
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Every choice we make for our products affects our planet and people. That's why sustainability is baked into Odlo’s DNA. To reduce our overall impact, we focus on three key responsibilities: social, environmental and product. Let’s take a look at each.

Odlo’s commitment to social responsibility

People are key. That’s why Odlo commits to being socially responsible. We work with teams and suppliers long term, nurturing relationships to create high-quality, high-performing ethical sportswear. Currently, we work with 25 long-standing partners across 15 different countries. We monitor production facilities and processes and ensure complete transparency at every stage. Investing time in relationships and openness helps us keep on track with our sustainability goals. Discover more about Odlo’s social responsibility.

Odlo’s commitment to environmental responsibility

We look to reduce our environmental impact across everything we do. One example is altering how we transport products from our production facilities to the warehouse and directly to you. As part of assessing our carbon footprint, we’ve changed the transport mode – thereby saving on emissions per trip – for our production facility in Romania, where we make more than half our eco-friendly sportswear. Other initiatives include improving energy efficiency and green energy, such as installing photovoltaic solar panels. Find out more about Odlo’s environmental responsibility.

Odlo’s commitment to product responsibility

Making durable, long lasting products is at our core. It’s the most sustainable option, and choosing the right materials lays the foundation. It’s the difference between your apparel lasting for mere months or truly sustainable sportswear you use year after year. After all, longer product life means less overall waste. At Odlo, we opt for the best materials for extended durability, whether that’s recycled, natural or synthetic. So, for Odlo’s Eco-label, you’ll find the main fabric composition contains a minimum of 50 per cent recycled synthetic material or 50 per cent TENCEL™ Lyocell. And looking ahead, we’re aiming for 100 per cent recycled or natural fibre use by 2030.

How are recycled materials used in environmentally friendly sportswear?

To minimise the strain on virgin resources, we often use recycled alternatives for synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. One example: fibres recycled from post-consumer PET bottles. You can see this in the Blackcomb Warm Eco collection, made with 88 per cent recycled materials.

How does Odlo use natural fibres?

Natural doesn’t necessarily mean sustainable, but we’re committed to both. We only use natural fibres if sourced responsibly (such as merino wool) and consider factors like animal welfare and sustainable forest management. One example of 100 per cent natural, biodegradable and responsibly sourced fibres is Odlo’s N-Thermic insulation collection, powered by Neokdun® from Navarpluma. With down from recycled bedding, pillows, and jackets, it’s a responsible alternative to virgin down that, like all Odlo products, is also recyclable and repairable. Find out more about Odlo’s product responsibility.

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