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Combine your complete ski outfit with sports underwear & baselayer, midlayer & insulation jackets as well as outer jackets depending on weather conditions and level of activity. This is just a selection of products that you can wear perfectly for skiing and snowboarding. But you will find more matching products in every clothing category.

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64 Products
  • Women's BLACKCOMB FUTUREKNIT 3L Hardshell Jacket, submerged, large
    € 449,95
  • Women's MILLENNIUM S-THERMIC Running Jacket, submerged, large
    € 180,00
  • Women's MILLENNIUM S-THERMIC ELEMENT Running Jacket, black, large
    € 119,95
  • Women's FLI S-THERMIC Insulated Jacket, black, large
    € 139,95 - € 199,95
  • Women's I-THERMIC 1/2 Zip Midlayer, black, large
    € 299,95
  • Women's CORVIGLIA KINSHIP Midlayer, submerged, large
    € 62,95 - € 89,95
  • Women's CARVE CERAMIWARM 1/2 Zip Midlayer, roan rouge, large
    € 38,95 - € 64,95
  • Women's BERNINA 1/2 Zip Midlayer, diving navy, large
    € 38,45 - € 55,00
  • Women's CARVE LIGHT 1/2 Zip Midlayer, black, large
    € 24,95 - € 49,95
  • Women's MILLENNIUM YAKWARM Half-Zip Long-Sleeve Midlayer Top, charisma melange, large
    € 109,95
  • Women's CERAMIWARM ELEMENT Half-Zip Long-Sleeve Midlayer Top, tomatillo, large
    € 59,95
  • Women's MILLENNIUM ELEMENT Half-Zip Long-Sleeve Midlayer Top, black melange, large
    € 64,95
  • Women's ZEROWEIGHT CERAMIWARM Hoody, black, large
    € 69,95 - € 99,95
  • Women's MILLENNIUM ELEMENT Midlayer Hoody, black melange, large
    € 38,95 - € 60,00
  • Women's MILLENNIUM YAKWARM Midlayer Top, submerged melange, large
    € 179,95
  • Women's ROY 1/2 Zip Midlayer, odlo silver grey - white - stripes, large ECO
    € 45,45 - € 64,95
  • Women's I-THERMIC Baselayer Top, black, large
    € 249,95
  • Women's PERFORMANCE WARM ECO Long-Sleeve Baselayer, black - odlo graphite grey, large ECO
    € 59,95 - € 74,95
  • Women's ACTIVE WARM ECO Long-Sleeve Baselayer Top, black, large ECO
    € 39,95 - € 49,95
  • Women's ACTIVE WARM ECO Turtleneck Baselayer Top, black, large ECO
    € 54,95
  • Women's NATURAL + KINSHIP WARM Half-Zip Turtleneck Baselayer Top, black melange, large
    € 79,95 - € 99,95
  • Women's NATURAL + KINSHIP WARM Baselayer with Facemask, black melange, large
    € 79,95 - € 99,95
  • Women's NATURAL 100% MERINO WARM Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top, woodrose, large
    € 80,00
  • Women's ACTIVE WARM ECO V-Neck Baselayer Top, black, large ECO
    € 39,95 - € 49,95
  • Women's ACTIVE WARM ECO Baselayer Top with Facemask, black, large ECO
    € 59,95
  • Women's NATURAL + KINSHIP WARM Long-Sleeve Baselayer, black melange, large
    € 71,95 - € 89,95
  • Women's NATURAL 100% MERINO WARM Turtle-Neck Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top, malachite green - grey melange, large
    € 63,95 - € 89,95
  • Women's NATURAL 100% MERINO WARM Baselayer Set, black - black, large
    € 119,95 - € 149,95
  • Women's ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Long-Sleeve Baselayer Top, black, large ECO
    € 59,95
  • Women's ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Half-Zip Turtleneck Baselayer Top, black, large ECO
    € 74,95
  • Set EVOLUTION LIGHT 2 PACK, black, large
    € 90,00
  • Women's ACTIVE WARM ECO Baselayer T-Shirt, black, large ECO
    € 44,95
  • Women's PERFORMANCE WARM ECO Baselayer Pants, black - odlo graphite grey, large ECO
    € 59,95 - € 74,95
  • Women's PERFORMANCE WARM ECO Baselayer 3/4 Pants, black - odlo graphite grey, large ECO
    € 51,95 - € 64,95
  • Women's ACTIVE WARM ECO Baselayer Pants, black, large ECO
    € 39,95 - € 49,95
  • Women's NATURAL + KINSHIP WARM Baselayer Bottoms, black melange, large
    € 71,95 - € 89,95
  • Women's NATURAL 100% MERINO WARM Base Layer Pants, woodrose, large
    € 48,95 - € 80,00
  • Women's ACTIVE WARM ECO 3/4 Baselayer Pants, black, large ECO
    € 35,95 - € 44,95
  • Women's ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Baselayer Bottoms, black, large ECO
    € 59,95
  • Women's PERFORMANCE WARM ECO Sports Underwear Baselayer Panty, black - odlo graphite grey, large ECO
    € 27,95 - € 34,95
  • ORIGINALS WARM Tube, black, large ECO
    € 14,95
  • Unisex ACTIVE THERMIC Tube, charisma melange, large
    € 17,95
  • CERAMIWARM PRO Tube, hyacinth violet, large
    € 24,95
  • Tube Community Tube, diving navy, large
    € 29,95
  • Unisex ACTIVE THERMIC Facemask, black melange, large
    € 19,95
  • ORIGINALS WARM Face Mask, grey melange, large
    € 11,85 - € 16,95
  • Unisex EVOLUTION WARM Facemask, black, large
    € 29,95
  • Unisex ACTIVE WARM ELEMENT Ski Socks, black, large
    € 19,95
  • Unisex MUSCLE FORCE ACTIVE WARM Ski Socks, black - directoire blue, large
    € 27,95 - € 39,95
  • Unisex MUSCLE FORCE ACTIVE LIGHT Ski Socks, black - odlo graphite grey, large
    € 37,95
  • Unisex ACTIVE WARM XC Crew Socks, black - odlo graphite grey, large
    € 24,95
  • Socks extra long SKI MUSCLE FORCE WARM, odlo graphite grey - safety yellow, large
    € 34,95
  • Socks extra long MUSCLEFORCE Light, odlo graphite grey - black, large
    € 15,95 - € 44,95
  • POLYKNIT WARM Hat, black, large
    € 16,95
  • CERAMIWARM Hat, estate blue, large
    € 34,95
  • Unisex YAK X-WARM Hat, charisma melange, large
    € 34,95
  • Unisex Reversible Beanie Hat, black, large
    € 29,95
  • ORIGINALS WARM Gloves, black, large ECO
    € 15,95 - € 19,95
  • Unisex AEOLUS WARM Gloves, black, large
    € 50,00
  • CERAMIWARM GRIP Gloves, black, large
    € 40,00

Ski clothing for women: warming, breathable and functional

To keep you sporty and active in winter, functional ski clothing for women is essential. A snowstorm, icy cold wind or wet cold rain will not affect your performance if you choose the right ski jacket, ski trousers or insulating ski shirts. ODLO presents functional ski clothing that gives you maximum freedom of movement.

Warm ski clothing for women

Skiing has long since become a sport that inspires children and adults alike. Snow-covered mountains and freshly groomed slopes offer a very special view. With the right ski clothing, ladies are not only stylish on the move. Ski trousers, ski jackets and ski shirts also offer you exceptional comfort and functionality. The warmth is retained by the body and frosty temperatures cannot harm you.

If you freeze or sweat while skiing, you have chosen the wrong ski clothing. ODLO offers you breathable, wind-resistant and waterproof skiwear for women - from warm ski underwear to functional midlayers and optimum weather protection.

Maximum functionality in any weather with the right ski clothing for women

Skiing, snowboarding or ski touring - your possibilities for outdoor sports in winter are huge. To protect your body from wet and cold, you choose women's skiwear with outstanding features. You can use the three-layer system and you will notice that you will feel completely comfortable.

To be optimally dressed for the day in the snow, it is advisable to wear several layers. With thermal underwear, a second layer of insulation and an impenetrable moisture and wind protection, you play it safe on the slopes. 

With I-THERMIC technology you can control the heat regulation yourself.  The smartphone app allows you to control your heat supply individually to cold-sensitive body zones. The wires and sensors processed in the baselayers and midlayers are not noticeable to you and you never have to freeze again when you queue for the ski lift.

Functional ski underwear

The first layer of functional skiwear for women is given special importance. You wear it right on your skin. It mainly consists of quick-drying materials. Your sweat is reliably absorbed. Synthetic and at the same time warming fibres can also be equipped with ZEROSCENT technology. Unpleasant odours have no chance to penetrate the fabric. Women's skiwear should not be without a supporting sports bra that can withstand your level of activity. You can choose between the different concepts ACTIVE, PERFORMANCE and NATURAL.

Insulating ski shirts

A warming midlayer that also ensures that the temperature level of your body is maintained is essential for functional ski clothing for women. In the second layer, mainly insulating and additionally warming materials are used. So YAKWARM or CERAMIWARM ski shirts made of fleece or natural wool offer you optimal temperature control in frosty weather and convince with high breathability. In addition to a ski shirt, you can also wear a vest under your ski jacket to reinforce your heat layer.

Weatherproof equipped: ski suits and ski jackets

The outer layer is particularly resistant to moisture and wind. Finally, permanent snowfall can also accompany you on your skiing day. The functional ski jackets or ski suits are made of quick-drying materials and, above all, protection against the penetration of moisture into the lower layers of clothing. With the S-THERMIC ski jackets from ODLO, you are ideally equipped for hikes and ski tours in the snow. They store your body heat optimally and protect you from overheating. The COCOON ski jackets from ODLO impress with their all-round hood and cuffs which protect against moisture and snow.  

Functional ski clothing for women
Warm midlayer
Weatherproof materials

Indispensable skiwear for women: functional ski trousers

Ski trousers for women

In order not to expose your body to the cold temperatures, your ski trousers must also be highly functional and breathable. Damp snow has no chance to penetrate the innovative fabric structures. These even isolate your body when it takes a while at the ski lift. High-tech impregnation and innovative technologies ensure that the membranes do not let icy wind through. 

Your skiwear is only perfect if it can withstand the elements. For relaxed ski tours, softshell trousers with a lining are ideal, for a fast-paced day on the slopes, the ski trousers are equipped with additional snow catches and zipped pockets for valuables or ski pass. The trousers are made of a particularly light and comfortable material so that you have full freedom of movement at all times during your high-intensity activities.

Essential accessories for a day of skiing

Most of the heat escapes via the head. To protect them, you will find warming caps at ODLO which will not make you sweat. Headbands, gloves or knee socks round off your ski clothing. For ladies who love alpine skiing, ODLO has developed socks in which the heavily stressed zones are specially padded. This makes unpleasant pain and pressure points a thing of the past. 

CERAMIWARM headbands with heat reflecting particles in the fabric can store up to three degrees more heat. With their elastane content, they also ensure a perfect fit. So that you can always keep your ski pole in your hand, the CERAMIWARM-Grip gloves have a nubbed inner surface. The accessories of the functional ski clothing for women can be quickly stowed in any jacket pocket when you don't need them.

Ski accessoires

Ski clothing for women at ODLO

ODLO ski clothing for women

So that your day on the slopes becomes an eventful adventure, you will find ski clothing for men and women at ODLO which does not allow any compromises. A high water column, lightweight materials and maximum wearing comfort are optimised for the demands of winter sports enthusiasts. Insulating and moisture-absorbing functional underwear forms the basis in the three-layer principle, midlayers provide perfect thermal insulation and the outer layer keeps wind and moisture away from your body. With this you can start an action-packed ski day without worrying. 

In our online shop you will find a wide range of ski clothing for women. With different fits and colours as well as reflective details you feel comfortable in your ski outfit and are always visible on the slopes.