The first layer, the baselayer or sports underwear, which is in direct contact with the skin, is the key to being properly equipped for your sport, as it regulates your body temperature and keeps you dry.

Odlo's sports underwear and baselayers feature the temperature control system (TCS), which offers four different levels of warmth: X-LIGHT, LIGHT, WARM and X-WARM. Your body temperature is regulated and you are kept dry and comfortable thanks to the different grades of insulation and moisture management. This system makes it is easy to select the right underwear to suit the outdoor temperature and your activity level.


Keeps the body cool and dry. Extremely breathable, ultra-light sports clothing for hot temperatures and intensive training. Excellent moisture wicking properties.


Maximum comfort in all situations and all conditions. Versatile year-round sports clothing. Excellent moisture wicking properties.



High-performance sports clothing with good insulation. For all winter sports. Good moisture management. Keeps the skin dry and warm.


Sports clothing for extreme cold. Extra-warm panels protect sensitive areas of the body when temperatures plummet. Good moisture wicking properties.


Ceramicool - Odlo Technology

For summer 2017 Odlo launched the Ceramicool range, which has been specially designed to keep you cool during your sports activities. It is a totally new active cooling technology. Tests have shown that Ceramicool actively cools the skin to 1 degree Celsius.

This cooling effect is achieved via three levels. First the ceramic particles in the yarn have the ability to release warmth quickly and thus transmit the excessive heat away from the skin. Second the flat cross section structure creates tiny channels in the yarn for warm air streams to flow away. Third the low bulk yarn is the basis for this light-weight material and creates ultimate breathability and ventilation. These three factors combined keep you cool, even on the hottest days.

The athletic designs in the Ceramicool range include shirts, T-shirts, singlets, boxers and panties. All the designs in the Ceramicool range have a soft handfeel and are extremely breathable. The Ceramicool yarn has a natural anti-bacterial effect. The range is available in three versions, which offer a range of ultraviolet protection factors (UPF) and use the Ceramicool yarn in different ways.

Ceramicool Seamless

Ceramicool Seamless garments are made of 100% Ceramicool yarn. They also feature seamless functional zones and a UPF of 30+.

Ceramicool Pro

The Ceramicool Pro items are a combination of Ceramicool yarn and cleverly positioned mesh panels. This guarantees a UPF of 25+. The graded Ceramicool version also features the tried-and-tested Effect by Odlo technology.


This version features Ceramicool technology on the garment's inner in sensitive areas such as the underarms, neck and back, and have a UPF of 20+.

Odlo Performance Blackcomb

ODLO Performance is the first choice for high-performance sports underwear. With its seamless construction, body-fit cut and integrated bodymapped functional zones, the Performance range means outstanding moisture management, optimum temperature control and ultimate comfort under demanding conditions and during high Intensity sports.

Performance Light

PERFORMANCE LIGHT provides maximum temperature control and is fast drying. The silver ions used in the Effect by Odlo fabric prevent the build-up of unpleasant odours. PERFORMANCE LIGHT is the right choice for fluctuating temperatures and demanding sports activities – a versatile range of performance sports underwear that can be worn all year round.

Performance Warm

The circular knitting technology used to manufacture the PERFORMANCE WARM range provides insulation and moisture wicking precisely where needed. Exposed areas of the body are protected from the cold and moisture is very effectively wicked away from the zones where perspiration is heaviest. This makes the PERFORMANCE WARM ideal for all kinds of winter sports.

Performance X-Warm

The PERFORMANCE X-WARM collection has been designed for extremely cold winter days. This underwear features precisely positioned functional zones for extra insulation thanks to the seamless integration of different types of materials made from Odlo performance fabrics. Moisture is very effectively wicked away from the zones where perspiration is heaviest. Cold weather has no chance!

Performance Blackcomb

Seamlessly integrated functional zones provide additional warmth in the kidneys and knees thanks to the ribbed structure. The seamless mesh structure at the back, under the armpit, inside the elbow and knee, above the buttocks ensures optimum ventilation.

Odlo F-Dry Technology

ODLO F-dry is the new allround sports underwear quality, suitable for a wide range of activities and characterized by outstanding moisture management and highest wearing comfort. F-Dry will keep you dry and comfortable 365 days a year. The polypropylene on the inside of the fabric and the polyester on the outside create a push-pull effect. The polypropylene can’t absorb any moisture and pushes it to the outside where it evaporates to create a comfortable cooling sensation. The super soft fabric is equipped with a biobased finishing with organic and recycled components.

Odlo Originals - Baselayers

Odlo's ORIGINALS underwear range has been a customer favourite for decades and is at the heart of the company's position as leaders in the performance underwear market. It is available in WARM and X-WARM versions.

Originals Warm

ORIGINALS WARM is ideal for all gentle-to-medium-intensity sports and offers good insulation against the cold. Soft stitching and a fleecy brushed inner provide maximum comfort and a very soft handfeel. Its optimum moisture management and fast drying properties mean you stay pleasantly warm and dry, even when the weather turns colder.

Originals X-Warm

The ORIGINALS X-WARM sports underwear range has been designed to provide excellent insulation, even when temperatures plummet. Soft insulation pads are integrated into the garments to ensure that particularly exposed, sensitive areas of the body are protected from the cold. Its excellent moisture management properties guarantee you stay warm and dry at all times, and the build-up of unpleasant odours is prevented by the Effect by Odlo technology.

Odlo Natural baselayers

Natural X-Light

ODLO Natural + X-Light is the performance sports underwear specifically designed for ladies. Lingerie meets sports: why not wearing sexy underwear while doing sports? The polyester/silk blend fabric Provides optimal moisture management and a silky soft touch. The mesh inserts give the styles a feminine look and perfect ventilation. The products are suitable for light to high intensity sports in warm conditions.

Natural + Ceramiwool Light

ODLO Ceramiwool is the innovative cooling wool blend for the summer. The combination of actively cooling Ceramicool mesh and naturally cooling Tencel creates an ultimately cool and fresh sensation during hot days. The use of ODLO’s finest 17.5 Micron Merino fibres makes Ceramiwool very smooth on the skin and provides a natural anti-odour effect. The Merino/Tencel blend is a light-weight quality (120g/m^2 Ladies, 150g/m^2 Men) and thus the perfect choice for outdoor activities.

Natural 100% Merino

ODLO 100% Merino is the 200g all-year-round quality for nature lovers. It stands out due to its natural body temperature control and natural anti-odour properties. The super fine 17,5 Micron quality is the currently finest 100% Merino quality on the market. These fine fibres have the ability to adapt to the shape of the skin and create an ultimately soft and non-itching sensation. ODLO 100% Merino is from guaranteed mulesing-free origin.

Odlo Sports Bras

The sports bras became definitely a fashionable statement in the Spring Summer 2018. Different styles for different support needs.

The PADDED SEAMLESS SOFT Sports Bra is extremely comfortable thanks to the seamless construction and the adjustable straps. Extra support is given by the rib structure of the underbust, without forget about femininity with a fancy mélange stripes design.

With its ceramicool technology, the CERAMICOOL SEAMLESS MEDIUM Sport bra is a must have! Stay cool while you train with an extra support thanks to the seamless construction and reinforced underbust.

The DOUBLE HIGH Sports Bra is the best when it comes to the support. Adjustable and padded straps ensure comfort and the cup sizes make this style great for any breast size! The double layer with front zip allows you to run without distractions.