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Insulating base layers for days when warmth is a must.

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Experience the ultimate in cold-weather comfort and performance with our comprehensive collection of women's thermal underwear. Embrace the chill of the outdoors with confidence, whether you're skiing down powdery slopes, trekking through frost-laden trails, or embarking on a serene cross-country ski adventure.

Our meticulously crafted warm base layers, featuring not-to-miss products like 3/4 bottoms, insulating tops, and excellent fitting long sleeves, provide an essential foundation for your winter wardrobe. These pieces are designed to fit the body silhouette perfectly, ensuring snug warmth without sacrificing style or range of motion. Additionally, our collection includes half-zips, which are perfect for adjustable ventilation and easy layering. Whether you're layering up for a brisk hike or bundling up for a day on the slopes, our thermal underwear options are tailored to keep you comfortably warm in the coldest of climates.

Dynamic temperature control to keep you warm

Adapt to the ever-changing conditions of your winter pursuits with our advanced temperature control system. The base layers work tirelessly to manage moisture, wick away perspiration, and provide insulation where you need it most, allowing you to maintain an ideal body climate throughout your activities.

Three-Layer Principle with women's thermal underwear

Layering is essential for thermoregulation during winter activities, and the three-layer principle offers the perfect combination of warmth and breathability. The base layer - warm options referred here as thermal underwear -, often made of materials like merino wool, sits firm against the skin, wicking moisture away to keep the body dry. The second layer (mid layer) serves as the insulating layer, retaining body heat to provide warmth. Finally, the outer layer is the protective shell, guarding against wind and precipitation. This trinity of layers works in harmony to maintain a comfortable body temperature and fend off the cold, allowing for prolonged enjoyment of winter sports and outdoor adventures.

Thermal underwear designed for the outdoors

Choose from our array of base layer: 3/4 bottoms that fit perfectly under ski pants or hiking gear, offering full leg coverage without the bulk. Pair them with our comfy base layer tops, designed to layer smoothly under mid and outer layers.

Customize your comfort

Our thermal underwear collection presents a variety of neckline options to suit your preference and activity level. Besides standard neckline, select from cozy turtlenecks for maximum coverage, stand-up collars for a sleek silhouette, or pieces with facemasks when you need extra protection against the elements.

Thermal underwear engineered for endurance

Constructed from premium materials that blend synthetic fibers with natural elements, our thermal underwear provides superior warmth, moisture control, and endurance. The elasticity of the fabrics ensures that your movement is never restricted, empowering you to reach new heights in performance.

Active X-Warm, Merino, and Performance Wool products

For women braving the cold, the Active X-Warm range offers thermal underwear with advanced insulation in critical body zones, ensuring warmth even in the most frigid conditions. Coupled with excellent moisture management, this line serves as a formidable barrier against intense cold.

Merino and Performance Wool products capitalize on the natural properties of merino wool, which excels in thermoregulation and odor resistance. These collections provide a base layer that is not only warm and soft to the touch but also naturally breathable, ensuring comfort and freshness throughout a wide range of activities. Whether you're skiing, hiking, or engaging in other activities, these thermal underwear products offer a natural and durable solution to the challenges of cold weather.

Thermal underwear: embrace winter with confidence

Our women's thermal underwear collection is your secret weapon against the cold. Each piece, from Active X-Warm to Performance Wool, is engineered for warmth, comfort, and resilience, allowing you to tackle the winter elements with ease. Designed for active women, Odlo's thermal base layers offer a sleek fit without compromising on functionality.

Whether you're hitting the ski slopes, jogging in the frosty air, or embarking on a snowy hike, our versatile collection provides tailored warmth and superior moisture management. Odlo gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors all winter long, blending cutting-edge technology with fresh designs to keep you warm, comfortable, and ready for any adventure.

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