Made for the run 

From road to trail to your first 5K. Running regularly is a chance to feel good, get out and challenge yourself. To reset. Here, runners from the office comment on what they love most about running, along with their favourite ODLO pieces to do it in.

BY: MARK COHEN • run • 13.09.2022

One of the active Teams chats in the office is called the ODLO run crew – a group of staff who chat about running, meet for runs once a week and swap pictures of runs around Switzerland.

As we kick off one of our latest marketing campaigns, “Every day is run day” – which celebrates our new ISPO award-winning Dual Dry waterproof insulated running jacket, the empowerment running brings, and the arrival of arguably the best running season – we ask several people around the office what they love most about running.

From feeling fast to seeing stunning scenery, making running part of the daily routine brings equal measures of discipline, discomfort, and joy. Emotions most runners would characterise as “runner’s high,” or something very close to it. A feeling that they chase after any chance they get.

Here, their comments offer a little motivation and incentive to make more days run days. 

Victor Massonneau ODLO

“My favourite places to run in September are the forest and the mountains, as always. It’s twice as beautiful when the seasons are changing.. It’s also the end of trail running season: time to enjoy the mountains before they’re covered in snow,” explains ODLO sustainability manager, Victor Massonneau.

“If I had to pick a favourite piece of ODLO kit, it’d be my Zeroweight Dual Dry waterproof jacket, which I always pack in my trail running backpack for longer runs. It’s incredibly small and light and can come in handy with all the unexpected shifts in weather in the mountains.”

What do you love about running? “Everything! First, the anticipation before the run, choosing a nice route, getting ready and lacing up my shoes. It's a ritual. Then during the run, enjoying the feeling of my legs powering my movement, pushing hard sometimes, or just taking it easy. And afterwards, it’s like you pressed a reset button; you are fresh and ready for whatever the day brings.”

Mark Cohen ODLO

“Working at ODLO helped me reconnect with the simplicity and joy of running, and now I’m back to running 4 times a week,” says Mark Cohen, senior editorial manager. “Running in the mountains brings you this feeling of complete isolation, which I love. It allows you to step outside of yourself and disconnect momentarily from all sense of time.”

“My favourite bit of running kit from ODLO is our Zeroweight 3-inch split shorts. Running in short shorts has a certain Steve Prefontaine vibe. And feeling like a pro with a great kit gets me into the right frame of mind for running anywhere.”

Johanna Heimlicher ODLO

“The Üetliberg trail runs in Zürich are definitely among my favourite places to run,” explains Johanna Heimlicher, a designer at ODLO. “And as for clothing, I have so many favourites, but the Zeroweight Chill-Tec running tank is probably the piece I reach for most.”

“Running is like meditation for me. It clears my head and frees my mind.”

Dayana Doncheva ODLO

“I’m lucky to live in Zug, so my favourite places to run are usually the trails along the lake and in the mediaeval old town, wearing my Active F-Dry tee,” explains Dayana Doncheva, digital marketing manager. “I’m new to running but what I love about it is seeing progress every time I go out.”

Cedric George ODLO

“The best place for me to run in autumn has to be around Lake Annecy, staring into the crystal-clear water as the forest that surrounds it slowly changes colours and the mountains loom in the background,” adds Cedric George, global wholesale director. “And when I’m running, it’s usually in X-Alp, our trail collection. Our Dual Dry waterproof jacket is also a must for me. Perfect for fast-changing weather and rain.”

"To me, running is the perfect sport for disconnecting. For coming up with ideas and plans as you run alone. Yet, running with friends and talking about life is also a great time to think.”

Dan Pattison ODLO

“Favourite places to run in September? The hills around Ägeri, Zug. They’re very quiet and there’s a great variety of steep and rolling trails with some spectacular views thrown in – pure escapism,” says Dan Pattison, category manager, outdoor and sports underwear. “My first choice for running is easily the Ceramicool visor. It protects your eyes from the sun and, crucially for me, from sweat. It’s my go-to piece whether I’m running or hiking.”

“What do I love about running? Well, some people choose yoga, the gym, online gaming, cigarettes. Running has always been a release for me. Bottom line is that I run to feel good - mentally and physically. The associated health benefits of running are an additional perk and it’s very rare that I get back from a run and think ‘that sucked’. Your heart has been pumping, you’ve worked up a sweat and, naturally, you feel good about yourself. The pressures of daily life just fade away during a good run.” 

Stacey Lynn Kohler ODLO

“I prefer trail running around Mt. Pilatus in Lucerne. It has so many trails, climbs and breath-taking views. If I have more time, I get out to the high mountains like Göscheneralp in Canton Uri. It has lots of technical trails and glacier views,” says Stacey Lynn Kohler, human resources. “I run outside to feel free, to challenge myself in the forest or on mountains, to cut stress and to get fit at the same time.”

Richard Clevett & Pepper ODLO

“Running has been part of my life for 30-plus years now,” adds Richard Clevett, category manager, running. “It keeps me physically and mentally fit. It allows me to discover cool places, make new friends and have some me time.”


“I can’t imagine life without it.” 

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