What does it mean to be a craftsperson?

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What does it mean to be a craftsperson?

While it’s still winter in the mountains, we’re looking ahead to the start of next season. New products, longer runs, more daylight. The promise of renewal that seasons bring. Inside ODLO, we’ve used the last few months to explore what makes us unique, what defines us and how to meet the needs of everyday athletes – the people for whom we create.

AT 26.09.2021

The word craftsman or craftswoman (often linked to mastery, creativity and precision) has gained prominence during this process. Lavy Ohayon, our head of design, describes it as “understanding the mastery behind the machines, yarns and technologies to design the perfect product that lasts.”

“ODLO is timeless, rooted in fit, form and function – characteristics that are intertwined with our designs and with being a craftswoman,” explains Urska Agnic, our director of marketing.

While definitions vary, what a craftsperson creates does not. Their designs are timeless, their ritual well-rehearsed. For some time now, ODLO has occupied this mantle, focused on innovation, reliability, quality and design. With the upcoming season change, we get set to explore notions of craftsmanship more deeply, amped-up by the directions we are about to take.

What does it mean to be a craftsperson?

We create. You enjoy.

Craftsmanship helps us transform patterns and fabric into technical clothing, and in turn, create moments of inspiration. With the introduction of the new season, craftsmanship is displayed in our FLI (Fast, Light and Innovative) and Halden (out/living) collections, and similarly across several product updates. In these pieces, it takes on new and exciting forms which we’re excited to share.

We Create, You Enjoy is the start of a conversation about craftsmanship that articulates who we are, what we create and why create it. More to come on craftsmanship in the weeks and months to come. In the meantime, enjoy the change in seasons. Revel in longer runs, warmer rides, melting snow and the freedom of movement seasons bring.

What does it mean to be a craftsperson?


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