Swiss voters reject key climate protection initiative

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Swiss voters reject key climate protection initiative

"We will continue to advocate for climate action", says Knut Are Høgberg, ODLO CEO.

AT 26.09.2021 

On June 13th, Switzerland's policy on fighting climate change was thrown into doubt after voters rejected a Bill on CO2 emissions - a law supported by ODLO and one of its key sustainability partners, Protect Our Winters (POW) Switzerland. The environmental protection measures – the focal points of the Bill – included a tax on fuel and airline ticket purchases to help Switzerland meet targets under the Paris Agreement on climate change.

"While we respect the outcome, we are disappointed with the result of this vote,” said Knut Are Høgberg, ODLO CEO. "Environmental sustainability is one our key priorities and we will continue supporting initiatives to protect our planet."

In recent months, ODLO has worked with POW Switzerland to support the campaign to pass the CO2 Bill, which aimed to limit CO2 emissions and comply with the Paris Agreement, signed by Switzerland in 2015.

"Time is running out, and climate change does not wait. Doing nothing is not an option, neither for our planet nor for our jobs and even less for future generations. We regret, of course, that the "no" ended up winning. Still, we are not giving up hope. We will continue to engage in greater climate protection actively," said Nicholas Bornstein, POW Switzerland Founder.

“There is much work to be done and I look forward to this next stage. What POW has learned over the past few months will make us stronger for the future. And I am convinced: Our voice will be needed more than ever in Swiss climate policy.”, Borstein said.


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