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With the right cycling clothing for men, you play it safe: cycling shorts with gold, silver or bronze padding optimally tailored to your needs, protective cycling jackets and cycling vests against rain and wind and breathable cycling jerseys accompany you on your tour on the road or off-road.

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  • Men's ACTIVE F-DRY LIGHT ECO Tank Top, mykonos blue, large ECO
    € 29,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT CERAMICOOL Full-Zip Short-Sleeve Cycling Jersey, blue aster - estate blue, large
    € 62,95 - € 89,95
  • Men's PERFORMANCE LIGHT Base Layer Singlet, mykonos blue - horizon blue, large
    € 34,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT CERAMICOOL PRO Full-Zip Short-Sleeve Cycling Jersey, blue aster - estate blue, large
    € 83,95 - € 119,95
  • Men's Scott-Sram MTB Team Fan Jersey, SCOTT SRAM 2020, large
    € 79,95
  • Men's PERFORMANCE LIGHT Base Layer T-Shirt, mykonos blue - horizon blue, large
    € 44,95
  • Men's PERFORMANCE LIGHT Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top, black, large
    € 54,95
  • Men's Scott-Sram Racing Pro Fan Shirt, SCOTT SRAM 2020, large
    € 119,95
  • Men’s ELEMENT Short-Sleeve 1/2 Zip Cycling Jersey, lounge lizard, large
    € 49,95
  • Men's ELEMENT Short-Sleeve Cycling Jersey, black - graphic SS21, large
    € 69,95
  • T-shirt crew neck s/s Trail - SCOTT SRAM RACING, SCOTT SRAM 2020, large
    € 39,95
  • Men's PERFORMANCE BREATHE X-LIGHT Cycling Sports-Underwear Singlet, black, large
    € 39,95
  • Men's FUJIN PRINT Short-Sleeve Cycling Jersey, black - odlo silver grey, large
    € 41,95 - € 70,00
  • Men's PERFORMANCE X-LIGHT Base Layer Singlet, white, large
    € 34,95
  • Men's PERFORMANCE X-LIGHT Base Layer T-Shirt, white, large
    € 44,95
  • Stand-up collar s/s full zip UMBRAIL Ceramicool X-Light, acid lime - black, large
    € 89,95
  • BREEZE cycling jersey men, energy blue, large
    € 49,95
  • Men's Scott-Sram Racing Fan Longsleeve Shirt, SCOTT SRAM 2020, large
    € 99,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT CERAMIWARM Long-Sleeve Cycling Top, odlo graphite grey - black, large
    € 84,95
  • Men's PERFORMANCE WINDSHIELD CYC LIGHT Cycling Base Layer Long-Sleeve Top, black - lake blue, large
    € 74,95
  • Men's Scott-Sram Racing Fan Vest, SCOTT SRAM 2020, large
    € 79,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT CERAMIWARM Cycling Midlayer, odlo graphite grey - black, large
    € 90,95 - € 129,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT DUAL DRY Cycling Vest, mykonos blue, large
    € 99,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT Cycling Jacket, energy blue - black, large
    € 53,95 - € 89,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT DUAL DRY Cycling Jacket, mykonos blue, large
    € 129,95
  • Men’s ZEROWEIGHT DUAL DRY Waterproof Hardshell Cycling Jacket, black, large
    € 219,95
  • Men's MORZINE RAIN LIGHT Cycling Jacket, blue jewel, large
    € 111,95 - € 159,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT Cycling Shorts with Suspenders, mykonos blue melange - white, large
    € 99,95
  • Men's Scott-Sram Racing Pro Fan Bib Shorts, SCOTT SRAM 2020, large
    € 149,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT Cycling Shorts, estate blue melange, large
    € 79,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT CERAMICOOL PRO Cycling Bib Shorts, estate blue, large
    € 149,95
  • Tights short BREEZE, black, large
    € 59,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT DUAL DRY Cycling Bib Shorts, black, large
    € 129,95
  • Men's ELEMENT Cycling Bib Shorts, black, large
    € 69,95
  • Men's ELEMENT Short Cycling Tights with Suspenders, black, large
    € 69,95
  • Men's ELEMENT Cycling Shorts, black, large
    € 59,95
  • Men's Morzine Cycling Shorts, black, large
    € 99,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT X-WARM PRO Cycling Tights, black, large
    € 159,95
  • Men's ZEROWEIGHT CERAMIWARM Cycling Tights with Suspenders, black, large
    € 90,95 - € 129,95
  • Men's Bottom Panty BREATHE, black, large
    € 44,95
  • Men's SUMMER SPLASH Cycling Base Layer Boxer, beetroot purple - estate blue, large
    € 49,95
  • (BL Bottom Boxer) SUMMER SPLASH LO, peacoat, large
    € 49,95
  • Unisex CERAMICOOL HIKE GRAPHIC Crew Socks, climbing ivy - graphic SS21, large
    € 17,50
  • UNISEX CERAMICOOL HIKE GRAPHIC Micro Crew Socks, climbing ivy - graphic SS21, large
    € 17,50
  • CERAMICOOL HIKE Socks, odlo steel grey, large
    € 14,95
  • CERAMICOOL RUN Socks, black, large
    € 15,00
  • Unisex CERAMICOOL RUN GRAPHIC Quarter Socks, horizon blue - graphic SS21, large
    € 17,95
  • CERAMICOOL Hiking Crew Socks, odlo steel grey, large
    € 14,95
  • CERAMICOOL Cycling Quarter Socks, white, large
    € 13,00
  • ZEROWEIGHT Cycling Overshoes, black, large
    € 44,95
  • ACTIVE Half-Finger Gloves, odlo steel grey, large
    € 17,45 - € 24,95
  • ELEMENT X-WARM Gloves, black, large
    € 39,95
  • CERAMICOOL LIGHT Armwarmer, white, large
    € 29,95
  • AEOLUS CERAMIWARM Armwarmer, black - odlo steel grey, large
    € 20,95 - € 29,95
  • CERAMIWARM Hat, black, large
    € 34,95
  • POLYKNIT WARM Hat, white, large
    € 16,95
  • Unisex ACTIVE THERMIC Facemask, black melange, large
    € 19,95
  • Tube Community Tube, diving navy, large
    € 29,95
  • ORIGINALS WARM Tube, black, large ECO
    € 14,95
  • Unisex ACTIVE THERMIC Tube, estate blue melange, large
    € 17,95

Men's cycling clothing for men: air-permeable and water-repellent

A cycling tour becomes a real outdoor adventure if you also choose the perfect cycling clothing for it. ODLO offers cycling clothing for men that meets all requirements: with reliable UV protection on hot summer days, reliable moisture absorption and a unique temperature control system, you will always feel comfortable in the saddle. You can enjoy the beautiful nature or spur you on to peak performance without having to worry about your men's cycling clothing.

air-permeable and water-repellent

Functional fibres can be combined with natural fabrics to get the most out of men's cycling clothing. Innovative technologies and different heat levels CERAMIWARM, CERAMICOOL, X-WARM or S-THERMIC make your cycling clothing a loyal companion in any weather. A water-repellent cycling jacket protects you from hypothermia and rain showers and functional underwear reliably wicks moisture away from the skin. ODLO Bike Wear will not let you down.

Cycling shorts for every demand

Men's cycling clothing must meet high standards. Cycling shorts in particular are subject to heavy use all day long in the saddle. They are designed to protect the body from the weather, maintain the temperature level and at the same time sit comfortably. In addition, the cycling shorts must absorb shocks and blows in the buttocks area so well that no complaints occur in the sciatic area. It is important that the upholstery does its job reliably for several hours. ODLO has designed three different levels for bicycle clothing for this purpose:

  • Bronze Padding: On moderate off-road tours and road trips you sit particularly soft in the saddle with your cycling shorts with the least amount of padding. Even long tours become a real adventure, as the upholstery provides all-encompassing support for all athletes and activities.
  • Silver Padding: The higher density and integrated moisture management are perfect for longer performance on the bike. ODLO's Silver Padding provides you with reliable support on short distances or longer trips and ensures the best combination of comfort and stable support.
  • Gold Padding: Maximum comfort is provided by the maximum padding for all those who want to continuously improve their performance on the bike. The anatomical shape of the padding is additionally equipped with an Air-Plus fabric, which guarantees you the highest level of breathability and moisture transport.
Cycling shorts for every demand

ODLO offers the cycling shorts in three different lengths - short, ¾-long or long - which you choose for your cycling tour depending on the weather. You can rely on innovative technologies and lightweight breathable fabric. BREEZE cycling shorts give you the assurance that you won't overheat at any time during your adventure.

Optimal air circulation and reliable moisture management are perfect for summer days. On the other hand, if it is cold, you should use CERAMIWARM cycling shorts, which protect your muscles from cooling down with a thin warming layer. Essential is the DualDry technology, which keeps wetness away from the body.

At ODLO, you will find cycling shorts that will meet all your requirements. Whether you prefer them with or without braces is entirely up to your taste

Bicycle clothing for men in the three-layer-principle

Damit Frieren und Schwitzen dich in deiner Performance nicht behindern, Wind deinen Körper nicht auskühlt oder Regen dich nicht durchnässt, trägst du die Fahrradbekleidung von ODLO am besten im Drei-Schichten-Prinzip. Dabei ist dir das Maximum an Funktionalität garantiert und dein Tag auf dem Fahrrad wird zu einem sportlichen Abenteuer.

Functional sports underwear

In the first layer of clothing, your Bike Wear ensures reliable moisture removal. Sweat is wicked away from the skin and the light tissue structures mean you re-dry quickly. This way you won't feel sweaty or wet. On hot days, the baselayers can also remain your top layer with innovative technologies such as ACTIVE F-DRY or ZEROSCENT, which have an antibacterial and odour-inhibiting effect. Your new cycling jersey, which features reflective details and back pockets, as well as the base layers have UV protection that protects your skin from the sun's rays in summer.

Warming midlayer

In dense cloud cover, low temperatures or in winter, your body needs a layer of insulation or even additional warmth. With the midlayers, the second layer, you wear shirts or vests that are made of light materials, do not absorb moisture and maintain your temperature level thanks to a thin layer of fleece, merino or yak wool. CERAMIWARM cycling clothing can even raise your body temperature by up to three degrees. The midlayers have a high degree of breathability: wearing your bike clothing is therefore noticeably comfortable for you.

Protective cycling jackets

On cool days or in the event of a sudden rain shower, cycling jackets are the perfect choice for your cycling clothing. They are especially thin and can be stowed away conveniently, so that you are perfectly equipped for any change in weather. Wind and wetness never affect your performance because the protective cycling jackets are equipped with high-tech impregnations and membranes that release body moisture to the outside but do not let rain in. The figure-hugging cut jackets fit tightly to the body.

Essential accessories for your cycling clothing from ODLO

Not only bike wear and cycling shorts are part of the men's bike wear, accessories and complementary clothing complete the entire outfit. Shoe covers offer safe protection in rain and wetness. The socks and knee socks also protect you from external influences. Either in CERAMICOOL or CERAMIWARM you can adjust them perfectly to the temperature outside. Depending on your needs, they will warm your feet additionally or provide a cooler feeling.

With gloves from ODLO, you are protected on long tours from heavy strain on your fingers and at the same tim