1°C makes all the difference to your performance

One degree can be the difference between a great day and a day to forget. The body is a biological marvel that needs to be carefully maintained in order to remain in peak condition. The slightest of changes can have a dramatic effect. For instance, a one degree increase in body temperature can result in a 15% reduction in the brain’s performance. It can also mean the difference between winning and losing; if the body heats up by more than one degree, fatigue sets in.

For people who are always looking for something that gives them an edge and makes life easier, ODLO provides the tools to do just that. ODLO’s active cooling technology, Ceramicool, guarantees top performance in warm conditions.

How does it work?

Ceramicool is unique because it is an active cooling technology, meaning it makes an impact as soon as you start being active. This cooling effect - that cools skin temperature by up to 1°C - is achieved through a combination of three factors:

  • • Integrated ceramic micron particles. The yarn features ceramic compounds that release heat immediately and thus transmit excessive body heat away from the skin.
  • • Fast heat transfer. The increased surface area of the yarn forms small air channels that quickly transfer the body heat to cool the skin.
  • • Low bulk yarn. The low bulk yarn is the basis for this lightweight material and creates ultimate breathability and ventilation.

💙 Why you will love Ceramicool:

• Cools the skin up to 1°C
• Breathable material
• Lightweight