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    Blackcomb: High performance sports underwear

    Do you already know our Blackcomb? Its winter version is considered to be one of the best sports underwear on the market. Winner of an ISPO Award in 2015, our Blackcomb has continued to evolve since then and is distinguished season after season by its outstanding performance as well as its characteristic graphic design. In order to offer athletes the benefits of its performance and inimitable comfort, a summer version is also available and here are its advantages:
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    Women's BLACKCOMB PRO T-Shirt
    Men's BLACKCOMB PRO T-Shirt
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    Organic Body Mapping - Seamless construction to fulfil your body's various needs

    The seamless construction and respect of the body mapping allows for optimal moisture management performance, maximum freedom of movement and unique comfort.

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    ZeroScent – innovative sustainable, highly effective odour-control technology

    The HeiQ Fresh SPQR triple-action controls and eliminates bad odour from its very beginning. The combination of these 3 actions makes it possible to attack odours before they even form. This is the process:

    • Impairing bacteria’s metabolism

    • Removing bacteria thanks to silver-ion's antimicrobial nature

    • Easy wasching of the odours by means of the durable barrier film created by amino sugar around the fiber

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    Ceramicool - Your skin refreshes in contact with the Blackcomb

    Ceramicool is unique because it is an active cooling technology, meaning it makes an impact as soon as you start being active. This cooling effect - that cools skin temperature by up to 1°C - is achieved through a combination of three factors:

    • Integrated ceramic micron particles. The yarn features ceramic compounds that release heat immediately and thus transmit excessive body heat away from the skin.

    • Fast heat transfer. The increased surface area of the yarn forms small air channels that quickly transfer the body heat to cool the skin.

    • Low bulk yarn. The low bulk yarn is the basis for this lightweight material and creates ultimate breathability and ventilation.

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    Men's BLACKCOMB PRO Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
    Women's BLACKCOMB PRO Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
    Men's BLACKCOMB PRO Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
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