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    Meet our Customer Service Team in Huenenberg, Zug #ODLOTeamChallenge

    Our International Customer Service Team is based at our Headquarter in Huenenberg, Zug. The team is responsible for fulfilling or even exceeding every customer’s expectation, either in the B2B as well as in the B2C business. They are handling international accounts all over the world and responding to e-commerce customers at the same time. In general, that means placing and calling-off orders, coordinating with Sales, Logistics and Accounting.

    The Customer Service Team Members (from the left to the right) Front row: Rebekka Halter, Sabrina Feller, Chantal von Rotz and Kristina Delitte.

    Back row: Anna-Linda Fischer, Mirjam Rohrer, Anja Freimann, Anne-Catherine Grunholzer (Head) and Barbara Keller.

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