By creating highly innovative products our goal is to be the brand of choice for active individuals. We are driven by passion to provide the best gear and apparel for their sports and training, whatever the conditions.We strive to stay one step ahead by creating products that anticipate the future needs of our consumers. In doing so, the right gear is readily available when it’s needed most.

Maximum quality, efficiency and constant innovation is what inspires us to deliver outstanding products every time. Those values do not just apply to the end result, but the whole ODLO operation. From conception to store, efficiency is our watchword.

ODLO - passionate about outdoor sports the whole year round and dedicated to producing the highest quality sportswear possible for people who want to get the most out of their activities, aswell as look and feel great.


Thermic insulation: I-THERMIC | N-THERMIC | S-THERMIC

I-THERMIC - analyses and regulates body heat using intelligent thermal sensors.

S-THERMIC - uses synthetic insulation material which reduces overheating and guarantees effective moisture management, perfectly designed for high and extreme levels of activity.

N-THERMIC - is loyal to down and is ideal for low-level activities when the main priorities are comfort, lightness and excellent insulation.




 >> more about I-THERMIC                                                                                >> more about N-THERMIC

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The most innovative next to skin perormance baselayer on the market. Engineered to ensure dynamic posture control during
and after sports for improved athletic performance.


 >> more about ACTIVE SPINE



MAKE YOUR INSIDE COUNT - Heat reflective ceramic particles are inserted into the yarn, speeding up the warming properties of the garment. The engineered blending of yak wool and premium polyester fibers deliver an amazing next to skin natural feel and soft touch.



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ODLO introduces the next generation of body mapping. Developed in partnership with Zaha Hadid Designs, this combination of
engineering and design insight delivers advanced climate control and natural freedom of movment for your various sports activities.





ODLO’s active cooling running gear with the next generation of its two active cooling technologies Linencool and Ceramicool is
designed to make you feel and look cool.



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Fast drying: F-DRY

Water repellent and moisture wicking technology. The fastest drying ODLO ever made. Designed for maximum comfort 365 days a year.


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