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A practical T-shirt should never be missing from a complete sports outfit. For biking, running, hiking, and as a base layer for skiing on warm days - a T-shirt is suitable for any outdoor activity.

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  • Women's MILLENNIUM T-Shirt, lantana melange, large
  • Women's ALLIANCE Long-Sleeve Top, woodrose - pine print, large
  • Women's MILLENNIUM ELEMENT PRINT T-Shirt, grey melange - placed print FW18, large
  • Women's SEAMLESS ELEMENT T-Shirt, hyacinth violet melange, large
  • Women's LOU LINENCOOL T-Shirt, charisma melange, large
  • Women's BLACKCOMB PRO T-shirt, charisma melange, large #onestepahead
  • Women's SEAMLESS ELEMENT Long-Sleeve Top, grey melange, large
  • ANMORE Blouse longsleeve women, pickled beet - hot coral - check, large
  • Women's CONCORD Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, black - leaves on sleeve print SS20, large
  • Women's MILLENNIUM Singlet, grey melange, large
  • Women's MILLENNIUM ELEMENT Singlet, grey melange, large
  • Stand-up collar l/s 1/2 zip SILLIAN, odlo graphite grey, large
  • T-shirt l/s SILLIAN, odlo concrete grey space dye, large
  • Women's BLACKCOMB PRO T-Shirt, hot coral - space dye, large
  • Women's ELEMENT Light PRINT T-Shirt, tomatillo - graphic FW20, large
  • Women's F-DRY Base Layer Singlet, white, large
  • Women's CERAMICOOL ELEMENT T-Shirt, hot coral, large
  • Women's KUMANO CHECK Blouse, creme de menthe - odlo concrete grey - check, large
  • Women's MYTHEN Long-Sleeve Blouse, lantana - diving navy - check, large
  • Blouse KUMANO CHECK, diving navy - baltic - check, large
  • Women's CARDADA T-Shirt, white, large
  • Blouse MYTHEN, cockatoo - silver pine - cherry tomato - check, large
  • Women's CARDADA Polo Shirt, diving navy, large
  • Women's ELEMENT Cycling T-Shirt, grey melange, large
  • Women's NEW TRIM Polo Shirt, marina, large
  • T-shirt s/s CorE LIGHT, odyssey gray, large
  • Polo shirt s/s TILDA, peacoat, large
  • SILLIAN t-shirt, white, large
  • Polo shirt s/s GEORGIA RT, white, large
  • Women's HENRIETTE Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top, black, large
  • Blouse l/s LOGGER, algiers blue - fleur de lotus check, large
  • Women's KUMANO PRINT T-Shirt, lantana - flower leaf print SS20, large
  • BL TOP KUMANO LOGO, white - placed print SS18, large
  • BL toP Crew neck s/s CorE Light PRINT, odyssey gray - placed print FW18, large
  • Women's FLI T-Shirt, faded denim, large
  • Women's MYTHEN Blouse, amparo blue - grey melange - check, large
  • Women's F-DRY T-Shirt, malachite green, large
  • MAREN t-shirt, white, large
  • Women's KUMANO Polo Shirt, lantana melange, large
  • Women's F-DRY T-Shirt, amparo blue - leaf print SS20, large
  • Women's BLACKCOMB PRO Singlet, hot coral - space dye, large
  • Women's ELEMENT Running T-Shirt, creme de menthe, large
  • BL TOP Crew neck s/s ELEMENT Light Special, hot coral, large
  • Women's CONCORD T-Shirt, grey melange - flower leaf print SS19, large
  • TINA polo shirt, odlo steel grey, large
  • Women's MILLENNIUM ELEMENT T-Shirt, lantana melange, large
  • BL TOP KINSHIP SEAMLESS, grey melange, large
  • Women's KUMANO CHECK Short-Sleeve Blouse, hot coral - odlo concrete grey - check, large
  • T-shirt s/s crew neck SIGNO LO, white, large
  • Women's F-DRY T-Shirt, pool green, large
  • Women's HIKE Base Layer T-Shirt, black melange, large
  • Women's FAIRVIEW Long-Sleeve Blouse, spectrum blue - white - odlo steel grey - check, large
  • Women's CARDADA Singlet, coral haze, large
  • Women's F-DRY Polo Shirt, white, large
  • Women's ELEMENT Light T-Shirt, beetroot purple, large
  • Women's NILLIAN Long-sleeve shirt, odlo graphite grey - graphic FW20, large
  • Women's BLACKCOMB PRO Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, hot coral - space dye, large
  • Women's FRIDA Short-Sleeve Blouse, amparo blue, large
  • Polo shirt s/s SIGNO, surf spray - creme de menthe - Stripes, large
  • Women's CONCORD ELEMENT T-Shirt, lantana - flower leaf print SS20, large

T-shirts from ODLO for your sporting activities

ODLO T-shirts are characterised by high breathability and reliable moisture transport. They do not absorb sweat, and dry very quickly. Thanks to ODLO's innovations, your new T-shirt also has an odour-inhibiting effect even when you are exercising in the great outdoors at a high intensity.

Skiing and hiking: perfectly equipped with a T-shirt

perfectly equipped with a T-shirt

To ensure that you are prepared for your next run or bike ride, ODLO offers a diverse range of T-shirts with functional features that are also effective during cross-country skiing excursions and hikes.

Outdoor fans want to explore the wonders of nature all year round. Rain, wind and snow shouldn't prevent you from exploring forests and mountains. To ensure that you don't freeze or sweat outdoors, a practical ladies' T-shirt is the perfect first choice. Play it safe with ODLO's three-layer principle for all outdoor activities. Moisture is wicked away from the body, a thermal insulating layer keeps your temperature even, and a final weather-protection layer keeps you safe from rain, wind and snow.

For winter hiking or cross-country skiing, select a lightweight and breathable ladies' T-shirt with short sleeves as a practical under-layer and increase the insulating effect. Comfortable and wide cuts ensure maximum freedom of movement. Combined with a thin fleece fabric or natural wool such as merino or yak, you will stay nice and warm - especially in cooler temperatures.

To ensure that you are ready for whatever the weather throws at you, add a long-sleeved shirt or protective midlayer to your sports outfit.

Breathable and lightweight: a T-shirt from ODLO for hot days

When running and cycling in particular, you can get hot quickly. A thin T-shirt made of synthetic fibres doesn't just feel light against the skin - it also wicks away moisture towards the exterior. So you will stay dry for your whole session. Tight-fitting and streamlined T-shirts are a great first choice for female runners in particular. Due to the high percentage of stretchy material such as elastane, you will never feel constricted at any time.

In addition to practical shirts for women, ODLO's varied collection also includes sleeveless tops with thinner or wider straps. These T-shirts and tops are equipped with innovative technologies, so you can always rely on your sportswear. CERAMICOOL technology is ideal for the summer, as its ceramic component has a cooling effect on the skin.

ZEROSCENT is ODLO's anti-odour technology, preventing unpleasant odours from developing when you exercise. So you always feel fresh, however much energy you have burned.

a T-shirt from ODLO for hot days

Exceptional comfort with full freedom of movement

Exceptional comfort with full freedom of movement

Movement-intensive sports like running, cycling and cross-country skiing place many demands on your sportswear. Your expectations will therefore be very high. ODLO's lightweight T-shirts and tops leave nothing more to be desired when it comes to meeting your needs. Tight-fitting T-shirts offer you just as much freedom of movement as wide cut models.

Sleeveless tops and warming long-sleeved shirts are equipped with ODLO's innovative technologies, making them perfectly suited to sporting adventures in the great outdoors. ODLO offers a multi-faceted selection of tank tops for running, T-shirts for hiking or cycling, and long-sleeved shirts for a day of skiing.

Ladies' T-shirts from ODLO

As an innovative brand, we are constantly developing new technologies and materials, so you can choose from a wide range of sportswear for all seasons and weather conditions in our online shop. To ensure that your sportswear doesn't just perform well but also looks great, you can choose from a wide range of colours and patterns.

With highly practical ladies' T-shirts, nothing more can stand in the way of your sporting challenges.

Ladies' T-shirts from ODLO