The ultimate balance between breathability and waterproofness

Dual Dry material technology heralds a new era in hiking, running & cycling apparel in terms of weather protection. Body moisture generated inside is quickly transported to the outside, and rain from the outside does not permeate.

ODLO ISPO Awarded New Technology DualDry Waterproof and Water Resistant

Which DualDry fits me the best?

ODLO ISPO Awarded New Technology DualDry Waterproof and Water Resistant

DualDry Waterproof

The industry leading balance between breathability and waterproofness. This ISPO awarded ultra lightweight technology keeps you dry by evacuating quickly body moisture and protecting you against the heaviest rain.

Waterproof: 20'000 mm
Breathability: 50'000 MVP

Best for: Running, Cycling

Not recommended with a backpack.


DualDry Water Resistant

The best response to a fickle weather forecast. Ultra-lightweight and easily packable, it offers you a good temporary protection when the weather turns bad. The highly breathable material will evacuate quickly the body moisture while the Super DWR PFC Free prevents rain from penetrating.

Water resistant: Super DWR
High Breathability

Best for: Hiking, Running, Cycling


Waterproofing test determines the pressure, measured in millimetres, at which the material begins to let water in. According to ISO 811, a garment that can withstand the pressure of a water column of 1'300 mm of water can already be considered waterproof.

During an outdoor activity, the water pressure can easily reach more than 10'000 mm, it is thus recommended to choose products which are more than 10'000 mm waterproof.