Born in Norway - engineered in Switzerland, sustainability has always been a part of our corporate DNA. Our propeller shaped logo showcases our company's three core values: responsibility, action, and transparency. These three core values represent the three dimensions which we use to address sustainability: We care, We act, We share.

Responsibility – We care: As a global acting sportswear apparel brand with our own manufacturing, we take our responsibility seriously so that everyone can enjoy sporting activities in nature well into the future.

Action – We act: Our commitment to sustainability is translated into action, contributing for change. We cannot do this alone. Therefore, we act through collaboration and equal partnership to help move the industry forward.

Transparency – We share: We stand by what we do. We communicate our commitment, the measures we take, and the progress we achieve through our actions.


Our sustainability strategy at ODLO is integrated into our company’s overall strategy and is built on three pillars: social responsibility, environmental responsibility, and product responsibility.

Social responsibility

To our people and partners

Social responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Protecting our planet

Environmental responsibility

Product responsibility

Sustainably conscious product creation

Product responsibility
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Our achievements

Making an impact. Step by step.

We are on a continuous journey towards a more sustainable future that requires relentless action to push us forward. While we still have room to become a more sustainable organisation, we are determined to make a difference step by step. And as we’ve learned throughout our 75-year history, small steps can make a big impact.

We're proud to share some of our latest key achievements here and we're even more excited about what comes next.


Social responsibility

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) - the FWF endeavours to improve labour conditions in the textile industry worldwide. Learn more.

Wage negotiation support - enhanced social dialogue training delivered in OLDO Romania to strengthen wage negotiations in 2021.

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Environmental reponsibility

Reduced shipping footprint - 97% of all direct-to-customer parcels now going climate neutral. Air shipment reduced to 2%.

70% less CO2 emissions through low carbon transport (rail and road) - from our own production in Romania.

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Product responsibility

Strong progress towards 100% sustainable material usage by 2030:

Exceeded 50% preferred material use (recycled sources or natural materials) in our summer and winter 2021 collections.

Our iconic base layer bestseller, the Blackcomb Warm Eco is now made with 88% recycled materials.

ODLO stores 'take-back' program launched - to drive product reuse and recycling.

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Future goals

Focus. Commitment. Every day.

At ODLO, we believe setting goals is essential and achieving them is great, but the most important component is the journey towards reaching our goals and how we develop as a brand during every single step we take, day by day. In 2019, we set our sustainability goals by focusing on four main areas:

Climate action: Understand GHGE (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) emissions along the value chain and identify reduction opportunities

Environmental and animal protection: Reduce environmental footprint of waste and pollution and ensure animal protection

Fair work: Improve working conditions throughout supply chain partners

Circularity: Move towards a more circular business model

In order to drive change, we defined clear mid and longer-term goals and actions.


One of our most ambitious goals is to work only with preferred materials such as recycled or natural fibers by 2030. We are already making great progress here with over 50% preferred material use in the last year and we are committed to keep driving this forward.

The next few decades will be critical to tackling one of humanity’s most significant challenges and we are dedicated to continue to partner, advocate, and change, in order to be able to make a difference and achieve our sustainability goals.