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Jake Catterall attempts world record by bike around Iceland

Catterall expected to dig deep during 1,400-kilometer effort.

By Mark Cohen

RIDE 28.09.2021

Jake Catterall is an average guy chasing a colossal dream: to become the fastest person to circle Iceland by bike – a record set by Chris Burkard in 2019 in 52 hours, 36 minutes and 19 seconds. With support from ODLO, Catterall will attempt to shatter the 1,400-kilometer route in record time.

“Cracking the record set by Chris would be a massive dream come true – something I feel incredibly proud and fortunate to be able to take on,” explained Catterall. “As a kid, I always found inspiration in adventure, and am really psyched to be able to tackle and document stories in amazing places with amazing people thanks to the support of everyone around me.” 

Circling Iceland by bike is the second in a multi-year series led by Catterall dubbed, “Way Beyond” – a 7-year, multi-layered adventure-focused project culminating with Catterall attempting a world record expedition in Antarctica and endurance adventures in Greenland and the Himalayas.

In 2020, Catterall completed the “Vondel 200” – a 200-kilometer non-stop run around North Holland – the first time the route was completed by running – a route he completed in 28 hours.

Adventurer and everyday athlete Jake Catterall attempts world record by bike around Iceland

Given the unusually cold spring weather in Iceland this year, ODLO has supported Catterall’s record attempt with pieces from their outdoor and cycling collections, featuring base layers, bib shorts, jackets and other essentials that will prove critical during the attempt.

A big proponent of heroes and mentors, Catterall developed a close relationship with Chris Burkard – the current record holder – as he prepared for Iceland. “We all need guidance through life. Iceland and Way Beyond are about inspiration and cultivating the kind of support everyone needs to achieve great things,” added Catterall.

“This is a trip I have trained solidly for 1 year and dreamed about for 2 years. I focused my entire attention on setting myself a goal so big that it would wake me up bright and early every morning,” said Catterall. “And it's here. I clip my cleats into the pedals not as a training ride or race, I clip them into a dream that I have been building every day in my head.” 

Follow Catterall’s record attempt live here: 


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