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Why dressing kids in merino makes sense 

ODLO drops its 100 per cent knitted-in-Norway merino collection for babies and kids this December. Why should you check it out? The reasons might surprise you. 

BY : MARK COHEN • tech corner • 24.11.2022

The ODLO x Janus baby and kids’ collection drops in December. An expanded range of completely natural pants, rompers, hoodies, drool bibs and other essentials designed for babies and little kids. The collection is made 100 per cent from Norwegian-knitted merino wool as well as 100 per cent for smiles and fun.

So why merino? And more specifically, why merino for children who – despite best efforts – stain, spit up on and wear through clothes quickly? Well, we can think of lots of reasons to get them moving in merino. Let’s take a closer look at this natural fibre for kids. 

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Babies sleep better in merino

Included in the new ODLO x Janus baby and kids’ collection are a series of lightweight wool onesies that work perfectly as a nighttime base layer against soft skin. The onesies come with convenient snaps (insert fist pump here) and are made with wool knitted in Janus’ own Norwegian factory.

Many parents swear their babies sleep better in merino, which might boil down to the material’s softness, its ability to regulate body temp and wick moisture away from the skin or its odour resistance (or a combination of all three). The evidence is more than anecdotal, though. Studies - like this one from the University of Sydney - indicate there’s real benefits to sleeping in wool, particularly for babies. By getting them quickly to their ideal sleeping body temperature, merino helps them fall asleep faster and rest better throughout the night. Even without the calming, settling effect of putting soft wool against their skin, improved sleep quality is something all parents can get behind.

Less washing between wears

Merino wool is a natural superstar. It naturally wicks sweat, naturally keeps you cool when you’re warm or warm when you’re cool and naturally resists odours thanks to its naturally occurring antibacterial properties. That’s a whole lot of natural.

That last bit – natural antibacterial odour resistance – will resonate with parents; the less a garment smells, the less it needs washing after each use, which is where merino’s sustainability kicks in (less washing equals less water use).

Compare the Espeland merino 250 mid layer hoody against its cotton alternative. Both are natural fibres, but the merino can go much longer between washes if you’re a family that’s looking to cut down on laundry days (and who isn’t?). 

Norwegian quality and versatility

This is the first collection we’re releasing with Janus – a Norwegian-based producer of merino wool products with their own facility outside Bergen, where they’ve been making high-quality wool products since 1895. They were acquired by ODLO early in 2022.

Norwegian parents already trust the name Janus. For decades, putting their kids in merino knitted close to home gave them the confidence to keep their kids playing outside year round, knowing they’d stay comfortable and warm. Today, merino is so much more than just a winter staple; in warmer months, for example, the Espeland merino 160 long-sleeve baby bodysuit with snaps could be the perfect sleeper, base layer or tee for an afternoon playdate. It’s the kind of versatile, everyday piece any parent will appreciate.

Janus clothes

Cool colours, stylish kids

One of the coolest aspects of the ODLO x Janus baby and kids’ collection is its unique colours. Yes, they are 100 per cent natural and high performing, but the muted tones are also cool, trendy and uniquely Scandinavian for designs that feel connected to ODLO’s roots.

Many of the pieces are made with versatility in mind to give kids options for cool to cold weather. Pieces that are soft, breathable yet warm, naturally antimicrobial, naturally thermoregulating and tailored to keep them comfortable while crunchy leaf collecting all the way through snow angel making. Basically, apparel to keep them laughing and playing in natural all day (and all year) long.

The collection goes live on our site early in December and extends our sizes and styles for babies and little kids. We hope you and yours enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

ODLO x Janus at-a-glance:

  • The collection consists of hoodies, mid layers, pants, rompers, onesies and drool bibs
  • Everything is made in Europe and knitted in Norway from 100 per cent merino wool
  • For more details about Janus, visit https://www.janus.no/  
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