At Odlo, we are proud to engineer durable products that have a long lifespan and are multi-functional. We continue to use mainly synthetic fibers, as well as natural materials such as wool and down and we have very high quality standards for all the materials we use.


To make sure your product will last several years, please follow our General recommendations but always pay attention of the sewn in care label as every garment requires a different type of care:

  • Do not allow laundry to become too dirty but still try to wash your sportswear only after 2 to 3 uses and air it out in between sessions. This will help you keep the material's function a lot longer
  • Keep dirty laundry in a well aired and dry place and do not leave lying around for too long
  • Always turn your garments inside-out before washing. It will preserve the colors and the prints longer
  • Close all the zippers, buttons, velcro etc. as to minimize the risk of the fabric getting damaged during the wash cycle
  • We always recommend to use eco-labelled, liquid and mild detergents. Please respect the dosage's recommendation. Excessive dosage will make it harder to rinse and reduce the material's function
  • Do not use bleach as to prevent discoloration and loss of function
  • Do not use fabric softener as to prevent loss of function
  • Wash with similar colors and fabrics. It is preferable to wash your sports and active-wear together
  • Do not tumble dry if you can avoid it. (except for Down, see specific care recommendations)
  • Avoid ironing. If you must iron, turn your garments inside-out.


Understand what the care labels on the product tag mean by clicking on this link: care labels