Good things come in well-supported packages

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Good things come in well-supported packages

ODLO’s Active Everyday Eco line is the perfect functional underwear for men. It’s also made from 82 per cent recycled fibres – and anatomically correct, too.

BY MARK COHEN AT 26.09.2021 

Now that summer’s here, customers have been asking us to identify one of our best seasonal boxers. A style that keeps them cool, comfortable, doesn’t chafe – maybe even offers a little support, too. Our solution? The award winning ODLO Active Everyday Eco boxers. Let’s take a closer look.

Eco friendly activewear that’s good at summer
These boxers have loads of performance features that make for outstanding comfort, fit and performance. But they are also fast drying, ergonomically cut and come treated with ZeroScent fabric to cut down on odours, even on hot, sweaty days. The result? For sport or everyday use, a piece of sustainable activewear that fits beautifully and feels great year-round.

Happy Balls. Yes, that’s right.
These are some feature-rich boxer shorts, for sure. But what makes them exceptionally comfortable for men is their precision-made pouch – ODLO’s own "Happy Balls" construction which keeps everything right where it’s intended. When it’s hot out, this means support and more air passing through areas where you want it passing through, and thus, a cooler happier package all-round.

Available in double pack
If you value breathable material and high wearing comfort, then our Active Everyday Eco Boxers belong in your wardrobe. Available in a double pack in a patterned and a single-coloured version.  

Can boxers be environmentally friendly?
The short answer is, of course. These boxers have been made from 82 per cent recycled material – namely plastic sea waste. Old PET bottles are processed into clean polyester chips, melted down and spun into new polyester yarn and then woven into fabric. During production, energy and water consumption has been cut and the CO2 footprint reduced as the locations where this is done are all within a 30K radius of each other.

Are these boxers perfect for everyone? We believe so, but if you’re after a new pair or simply an update to your existing rotation, we encourage you to give them a try and find out for yourself. We’d love to hear about your experience. Reach out and tell us your story. 

Good things come in well-supported packages
From the PET bottle to Active Everyday Eco boxer shorts in an environmentally friendly life cycle


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