If you have a heart pacemaker, metal implants or insulin pump you should first consult with your doctor before using the products. Please see full SAFETY instructions for all medical related questions.

Avalanche transceivers emit a signal of 457KHZ on a closed signal loop. The Bluetooth functionality in the core8 battery, or the electric current running through the garment, should not affect the signal emitted by the transceiver for search & rescue function. However we do NOT recommend to use your I-Thermic with an avalanche transceiver.

No, this is sold as one package.

Please send us only the midlayer.

The sensor of the midlayer notices when it is worn, the app measures the body temperature, the app may need about 10min until it notices that the midlayer is worn.’.

There is a multi-level safety built into the garment. Both the heating panels & the software are set to not go above 37° and stop immediately in case of higher temperatures.

It is not a problem for pregnant women to wear the midlayer.

This is sportswear, but you can wear it for your daily use as well. It will be perfect for your Ski day, your running session or your next outdoor adventure.

The garment is machine washable (30°) & we recommend you to use the gentle program 30°. Do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean.. The battery needs to be removed from the garment before washed!!!

50% Polyester, 40% Polyamide, 10% Elasthane


Up to 4 hours. Charging time is 2.5 hours.

Yes, you can use it on the go when you are out of home for a long skiing day (battery last up to 4 hours). However, do not use the battery while it is charging.

It is safe to charge it for long periods. It will automatically stop charging.

It is rain-proof and dustproof. Standard IP 64.

Yes, the battery resists to falls up to a meter.

The drop in capacity is about less than 5% from 25°C to 0°C.

Yes. The LED on the core8 will start flashing, and the exact battery power level will appear on your smartphone application.

No, 1 smartphone can only be linked to 1 battery and 1 garment at a time.

Yes. It is possible to buy several I-THERMIC garments but use only one core8 (however, it is not possible to buy the garment without the battery, this is sold as 1 package). You will however have to each time reset the battery so that there is no more link between the battery & the previous garment in order to connect it to the new garment.

Make sure the battery is turned off and the app is killed on your phone. Snap the core8 on the shirt. Press the power button during 7 seconds until the LED light blinks.

You can send us the defective battery.

Our customer service likes to help you in any question. Instructions on how to use the product are included with the product.

Find the contact details of our customer service here.


The clim8 app is necessary at least for the first use of the I-Thermic. This is where you need to set up your user profile so that the artificial intelligence can calculate when and how to warm you up. It is also through the application that you select the type of sport you are going to practice. However, if you do not wish to use the application, it is no longer essential once your user profile has been filled in.

The clim8 app is available on the App Store Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and on the Google Play Store (Requires Android 4.4 or later).

1. Sign in or register to clim8
2. Accept the T&C and the Privacy Policy
3. Confirm your email adress by opening the link in the confirmation e-mail. You must open the link from the device on which you have installed the app.
4. Select the T-shirt and follow the instruction to finalise the start-up of the I-Thermic


There may be several reasons if the connection fails. Here are the points to check:
1. Check that your smartphone's bluetooth is switched on.
2. Make sure that the Core8 battery is switched on as well, a white led indicates that it is switched on.
3. Verify in the settings of your device that the clim8 app has authorised access to the bluetooth.
4. Also check that access to the localization is authorised for the clim8 app. The app uses the localization to find out the outdoor weather and adjust the heat supply you need. Without this authorisation, the app will not work.

1. Close the app
2. Make sure Bluetooth is ON (on phone's settings and clim8 app settings)
3. Snap the core8 battery on to the shirt
4. Press 7 seconds the power button until the LED light blinks to reset the battery and the shirt
5. Turn off the core8 battery
6. Open the app and turn on the core8 battery. Then wait until it connects.

Several cases of connection problems for iPhone 8, X, XS, 11, 12 users have been reported. It seems that the problem is related to the IOS update 14.3.

If you have access to an android phone or iPhone 6/6S:
Please download the latest clim8 app on the compatible phone, and make the update of the battery on the clim8 app. Once it is updated, you can use your I-Thermic top with your iPhone again.

TUTORIAL (English)

If you don’t have access to an android phone or iPhone 6/6S:
Please contact our customer service at