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The Active 365 knit hoody

€ 76,95 - € 109,95

The Active 365 knit sweatpants

€ 62,95 - € 89,95

The Active 365 t-shirt

€ 31,40 - € 44,95

The Active 365 tank top

€ 31,40 - € 31,45

The Essentials running tights

€ 41,95 - € 59,95

The men's F-Dry tank

€ 31,40 - € 44,95
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6 a.m., the alarm rings: You get up, put on your workout clothing, and start your morning program. A perfect start before heading to work, your batteries fill up with energy to face the challenges of the day. ODLO supports this kind of daily commitment and discipline with workout clothing for men that are highly functional and comfortable at the same time. No matter if before or after work, our gym wear is made for you to unlock your full potential.

Microclimate regulating

Doing sports is even more fun when your body stays well climatised. The apparel technologies and innovative materials applied in each of ODLO’s sports clothes make sure your body doesn’t overheat or cool down too much. Special fabrics make the different clothing layers (base, middle and outer) lightweight, fast drying, and breathable. Some even have an integrated UV 50 protection.

Fair Wear

ODLO is not only a pioneer in innovative apparel technology, but also a leading member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). Apart from our aspiration to always think ahead when it comes to continually optimizing sportswear, fairness in all manufacturing steps from the thread to the finished sports clothes is a major concern. Working out with a clear conscience – makes you fully focused on your fitness goals.

Layer by layer perfectly dressed for your workout

When you work out in a gym, the weather aspect is not very important. But as soon as you move your sports program outside, it becomes an important issue. With the right clothing, sports activities will be fun no matter the weather and temperatures. ODLO makes it easy to find the optimal balance between moisture regulation, temperature control and weather protection – thanks to the ODLO layer principle. There is no excuse anymore not to go running, hiking, or doing whatever workout program you opt for outside when it’s too warm, too cold or rainy. With our workout clothing for men, you are perfectly dressed from tip to toe, and your only challenge is yourself.

Base Layer and functional underwear

Especially during strenuous activities indoors or outdoors, the first layer – the one with direct body contact – should be chosen well regarding fits and temperature control properties. During all seasons, the basic layers of a sports outfit make the difference between you being at the top of your game or giving up earlier than anticipated.

For your next workout or running session find Base layers like tank tops and shirts in regular, athletic, or slim fit in our shop, as well as shorts, tights, briefs, boxers, and socks. ODLO lets every man find his perfect sports apparel match.

Mid layer

Mid layers are designed to be used as a top layer in mild to warm climate or as a middle layer in cooler temperatures. Their task is to ensure men that they are well equipped for all weather conditions. Each piece of ODLO’s middle layer ensures excellent moisture management and temperature insulation, while being extremely lightweight. Especially practical when doing your daily portion of running are the Mid Layer Hoodies – they keep you perfectly warm while hardly adding any weight to your outfit.

Outer Layer

The outer layers, also called Performance Layers, come in handy when the weather is particularly unpleasant in terms of cold, wind and/or rain. Throw them over your sports outfit to stay warm in autumn or winter and to stay dry during rainfall. Apparel technologies like S-Thermic, N-Thermic or DualDry make it possible.

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