Recycle used clothing with ReWEAR take-back

As part of our product circularity commitment, select Odlo stores offer free collection for used clothing.

BY: MALLORY BRITTON • Sustainability • updated on 07.03.2024

BY : MALLORY BRITTON • Sustainability • updated on 07.03.2024

Feeling the urge to clean out your closet as spring approaches? Globally, only around 20 per cent of all the used clothing we clear out is collected for reuse or recycling. Our take-back programme – part of our ReWEAR circularity commitment – offers free collection for used apparel to help boost that percentage.

Take-back box

How it works

It’s simple. Bring your used garments – from any brand – to the take-back boxes located in over thirty Odlo stores across Switzerland, Germany and Austria. From there, our partner TEXAID collects and processes them based on their condition.

Selected Odlo items are sent to our Zurich store to stock the popular ReWEAR resale collection, which sells near-new and refurbished pieces at a fraction of the original cost. The majority of the remaining items are resold in other second-hand stores.

ReWear Tag

A few simple rules to consider: we don’t accept new, wet or heavily soiled clothing, shoes, medical textiles or fabric scraps. Please wash garments before dropping them off.

As a bonus, when you use the take-back box, you also get a 10 per cent discount towards your next purchase.

Find a take-back box

- Odlo Store Berlin
- Odlo Store Düsseldorf
- Odlo Store Frankfurt
- Odlo Store Garmisch
- Odlo Store Hamburg
- Odlo Store Mannheim
- Odlo Store Stuttgart
- Odlo Outlet Brüggen
- Odlo Outlet Montabaur
- Odlo Outlet Neumünster
- Odlo Outlet Piding
- Odlo Outlet Radolfzell
- Odlo Outlet Wertheim
- Odlo Outlet Wolfsburg
- Odlo Outlet Zweibrücken

- Odlo Store Davos
- Odlo Store Flims
- Odlo Store Lucerne
- Odlo Store St. Moritz 
- Odlo Store Zermatt
- Odlo Store Zürich
- Odlo Store & Outlet Hünenberg
- Odlo Outlet Landquart
- Odlo Outlet Mendrisio
- Odlo Outlet Schönenwerd

- Odlo Store Innsbruck
- Odlo Store Kitzbühel
- Odlo Outlet Grossgmain
- Odlo Outlet Parndorf
- Odlo Outlet Salzburg
- Odlo Outlet Tauern

Closing the loop

As a key component of our product circularity commitment, we’re stoked to continue offering take-back in order to give used products a second life. It’s an integral part of our journey towards closing the loop.

Now, we’re setting our sights on the launch of a highly requested repair programme for Odlo pieces. More coming soon.


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