Say hello to ReWEAR from Odlo

More wear. More tear. Odlo’s ReWEAR programme helps close the loop, giving preloved pieces another chance to get out there.

BY : MALLORY BRITTON • Sustainability • 06.10.2023

This month ODLO’s Zurich flagship store opening features the launch of the brand’s ReWEAR concept - an initiative tied to the company’s circularity commitment that gives classic ODLO pieces a chance at a second life. The programme is made up of two components: resale and take-back. Specifically with resale, the concept takes near-new and refurbished pieces and sells them in-store at a fraction of the original cost.

Getting gear back out there

Here’s how it works: Resale is powered by TEXAID, which curates garments from its ever-changing inventory. The TEXAID team sorts and assesses items, and then cleans and repairs them to a near-new state. Sometimes a base layer just needs cleaning and de-pilling for example, while others need a bit more work. TEXAID replaces things like zipper-pulls and sliders, patching holes, reinforcing seams, replacing trims and more, bringing clothing back to life and ready to be worn for more seasons.

“Re-selling preloved pieces from past seasons and reducing overall waste generation throughout our clothing’s lifecycle is a key component of our circularity commitment,” says Johanna Heimlicher, head of sustainability at ODLO. “We’re excited to see this project take flight and eager to see where these pieces adventure to next.”

ReWEAR’s resale arm will launch as a pilot programme in the Zurich flagship store with about 30 items up for grabs. With learnings from Zurich, the concept will be expanded into additional brand stores to get even more gear back out there.

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More than secondhand

ReWEAR is more than just in-store resale, though – it’s also the new identity for our existing take-back service that’s already in place throughout brand stores across Switzerland and Germany.

In these locations, you can drop off your unwanted apparel – whether ODLO products or not – and TEXAID will sort them, selecting ODLO garments for resale and responsibly recycling or sustainably producing energy from the remaining clothing. Win for you, win for the planet.

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We can do more

“We can do more” is our continued promise to protecting the spaces we love long into the future.

ReWEAR aligns into our “close the loop” product circularity commitment as we aim to design products to be durable, with the ability to repair and reuse, so that they can be enjoyed long into the future. We’re stoked to take another step forward by giving pieces that may have otherwise reached the end of the road a second life.

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