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ODLO x Martin Fourcade


Martin Fourcade wird globaler Markenbotschafter von ODLO

Martin Fourcade ist eine Legende. Fünffacher Olympiasieger. Der erfolgreichste französische Olympionike aller Zeiten. Gewinner von sieben Olympiamedaillen (davon fünfmal Gold) und 28 WM-Medaillen (davon 13 Weltmeistertitel). Dazu kommen 186 Podiumsplatzierungen im Biathlon-Weltcup und sieben Gesamtweltcupsiege.

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With a second place race finish already in her legs, will 2024 be Team Odlo X-Alpi athlete @emiliemenuet biggest yet?

Find out in our webisode series “Out for More: Season 1,” coming late May.
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Traffic is subjective 🙂

Team Odlo X-Alpi athlete Yves Heloury has worn many monikers in his career. Big engine. Young talent. French KV champ. With all the off-season prep now in his legs, is 2024 the year Yves rises to the ranks of trail's elite? 

Find out in our webisode series “Out for More: Season 1,” coming late May.

Base layers and bibs before breakfast and coffee. Is there any other way?