A diverse collection of performance and lifestyle pieces made to move. For whatever the day brings.

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Base layers

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Mid layers & longsleeves

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Jackets & vests

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T-shirts & polos

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Unity is strength

Seamless performance. Timeless style. Part of our Performance Wool collection, Kinship base layers blend natural merino with engineered fibres, tailored for cold weather and high heart rates.

Layers tailored to activity type and conditions. Explore our range of award-winning and industry leading base layers.

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A man wearing a natural active base layer

Natural Active

A man wearing a performance base layer


A man wearing a performance wool base layer

Performance wool

Smiles for miles

A change of seasons reveals one of the best times of year to keep riding. For commutes and weekend rides, we got you covered with base, mid and outer layers for cycling year round.

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ODLO: Sportswear for men – achieve your best every day

Step up your game with a new workout wardrobe from ODLO. Our sportswear for men meets all your requirements when achieving your daily athletic goal. Our running collection is not only highly functional and comfortable but also leaves no wishes unfulfilled in terms of design and sustainability. High-tech performance clothing motivates you to test and push your athletic limits. Also when hiking in the great outdoors or cycling, ODLO’s sports wardrobe comes in handy. Breathable materials provide for a well-balanced body climate.

ODLO’s sports wardrobe is your perfect training partner

One of our mottos is “we create – you enjoy” and we make it possible with every single piece we produce. Innovative materials and layer systems give you a maximum of freedom and comfort, no matter the intensity of your training. Sweat is absorbed, your skin can breathe and you are protected against wind, rain and cold. ODLO’s sportswear does not give you any excuse to not get up from the couch. Put on your running shoes and challenge yourself! Thanks to the three-layer system, the weather is no issue here and you can completely commit to your sports program.

Three layers to power through all

The different layers of ODLO's Advanced Microclimate Management are an important contribution to a healthy, high-performance outdoor experience. Your body will be permanently kept at a comfortable temperature, letting you focus on your goal.

The first layer is the base layer, including the sports underwear. It fits like a glove and regulates the moisture level on your skin, even when working out intensely. The seams of ODLO’s first layer products are very flat, don’t scratch against your skin and prevent you from getting blisters.

The second layer functions as final layer during warmer seasons or as middle layer when it’s cold outside. This layer’s task is to regulate a well-balanced body climate while giving you a maximum freedom of movement. High insulation keeps your natural body temperature at a comfortable level and insulates it. A strenuous run in the mountains may make you sweat but your skin remains dry thanks to the materials’ moisture wicking properties.

The third and final layer - the outer layer - ensures that you don't have to deal with rain and wind. Innovative Dual Dry waterproof systems create sportswear for men that wick away sweat and prevent moisture penetrating the outfit from the outside. All fabrics are breathable at the same time.

Stay on top of your game with a good conscious

ODLO's standards are as high as your expectations of a comfortable outfit. ODLO combines synthetic fibres with natural, sustainable fabrics made of merino wool, yak wool, cotton or TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers. In addition, ODLO transports by sea, road or rail. Explore nature and push your sporting limits while having a good conscious about your sportswear.

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