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Next-to-skin layers crafted for daily wear and comfort in a range to suit whatever mood you're in.

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Anyone who engages in a lot of sports knows how important the right clothing is – starting with the first layer directly on your skin. It is important that you feel comfortable in your underwear from the outset, that the material is pleasant to wear and, above all, breathable. In addition to comfort and naturally good looks, sports underwear must also be flexible and not pinch even during peak performance. Whether you are in the gym or at a yoga session, hiking or jogging – your sports underwear must always be comfortable. Thanks to Odlo, this is no problem.

Skin-flattering and flexible

With Odlo women's underwear, you can engage in many hours of sports and always feel comfortable. Odlo's sports underwear remains comfortable even at the highest levels of athletic performance. No scratching seams, no constricting textiles – the materials are smooth and, thanks to the manufacturing process, the underwear provides maximum freedom of movement. You have the choice between synthetic high-performance materials and soft natural fibers. Regardless of the material, all models have one thing in common: they are breathable and distinguished by excellent moisture management.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – always with Odlo

For every season and every climate, we have the right sports underwear for you in our range. Because: whether you feel comfortable in everyday life and during your sports session is already decided with the very first layer of clothing.

Odlo's sports underwear is available in the LIGHT and X-LIGHT variants for sports on warm to hot summer days or in phases when you are delivering peak sports performances. At lower temperatures, underwear with the additional name WARM is a good choice. It keeps you warm and is at the same time so thin that it doesn't show under your sports clothing. Choose additional suitable layers over your Odlo underwear, and you are always perfectly dressed. The weather doesn't matter!

Thanks to moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics, you can focus on yourself and your sport 24/7/365 without overheating. Odlo's sports clothing takes over the regulation of your body climate, so you always feel comfortable.

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