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Carbon particles provides Lightness and Active Thermal Insulation

Do you like your base layer to be as light as a feather and yet you can still rely on absolute warmth during all your winter activities? Do you also like it when your base layer stands out with a special structure design? Then our Active Thermic base layer line is just right for you! Active Thermic is another technical and highly sophisticated innovation that offers significant benefits for you as an athlete. Let us convince you!

Carbon particles provides Lightness and Active Thermal Insulation
The grid structure of Active Thermic gives the linen an independent look.

Our new Active Thermic base layer is part of the ACTIVE range (for women / for men) of base layer, which is particularly suitable for low and medium intensity activities and impresses with comfort, freedom of movement, good moisture management and coolness. Thanks to the integrated ZeroScent technology, odours are also prevented so that you always feel completely comfortable in your skin, even when things get really tough.

The Active Thermic base layer has a few more highlights that we would like to share with you in this blog.


You can feel how extraordinarily light Active Thermic base layer is as soon as you touch it and you can feel how warm it is as soon as you slip into it. Discover the secret of the special Active Warming technology created by our fabric experts. The thermal capacity of 100 grams of this yarn is 40% higher than, for example, our Active Warm yarn. This is made possible by integrating specific carbon particles into the yarn used in knitting our Active Thermic base layer.


The carbon particles store the heat released by your body and return it to your skin during resting periods when your body produces less heat. This works particularly well because the carbon's structure dramatically increases the surface area of the yarn, making it able to reflect more heat.

What you feel directly on your skin is illustrated by the following figures: According to tests conducted by Testex Institute, the thermal capacity of 100 g of the Active Thermic is 40% higher compared to 100 g of the Warm Originals. In other words: the Active Thermic base layer is only 65% of the weight of the Originals range, yet provides 91% of its thermal capacity.

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Grid structure ensures lightness of design

The grid structure of Active Thermic, visible on the inside of the base layer, gives the base layer an independent look so that you can recognize the new base layer at first glance. In addition, the elastic waistband of the pants gives the outfit a fresh look.


The Active Thermic baselayer top is available with a CREW NECK, with a cuddly turtleneck or with a half-length zip. The tights are available both in long and ¾ length. Combine the great colours to your taste: Black Melange, Grey Melange, Submerged Melange or Charisma Melange!

Carbon particles provides Lightness and Active Thermal Insulation


For men, the Active Thermic base layer top is available with either a crew neck or a half-length zip. The base layer pants are available in long and ¾ length, as for the ladies. Choose between the colours Black Melange, Grey Melange, Estate Blue Melange and Climbing Ivy Melange! 


Do you sweat quickly and prefer to wear a T-shirt rather than a longsleeve? Then the Active Thermic T-shirt is just right for you in winter! Whatever winter discipline you practice, from trekking and hiking to snowboarding and skiing, it’s an essential addition to your sports wardrobe that you’ll keep going back to. Stay warm and on form during every cold-season adventure this winter with the ACTIVE THERMIC Base layer T-Shirt from ODLO.


When temperatures drop and you need extra protection against the cold, reach for ODLO’s new Active Thermic facemask. This warming accessory eliminates any gaps between your equipment for a heat-boosting barrier that better protects against icy winds and freezing temperatures. For a soft, protective and technical accessory that boosts your warmth all winter long, reach for ODLO’s Active Thermic facemask for men and women.


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AM 26.09.2021