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Committed to climate advocacy: ODLO Give Back Days

BY MARK COHEN 04.11.2021

This week marks the start of Give Back Days – a program designed to support our partner, Protect Our Winters Switzerland, to give climate advocacy the voice it deserves. Here’s how it works.

The start of our second annual Give Back Days program sees the return of our partnership with POW Switzerland – a non-governmental organization committed to mobilizing the outdoor community for climate action.

To help support their work, on November 12, 13 and 14, we’ll be offering 20 per cent off selected items on, at ODLO stores and at select retail partners. Ten per cent of the sale proceeds will then be handed over to POW Switzerland to support their advocacy work.

POW Switzerland’s work is far-reaching. You might have seen their “Vote Now, Ride Later” campaign in early 2021 or taken part in one of their mobility, education or nourishment programs. They maintain that there’s a strong need for far-reaching climate protection measures from the global community to protect the places we love – a passion we both share.

While ODLO still has room to become a more sustainable organization, we’re taking steps, like this one, to put our money where our mouth is. And as we’ve learned throughout our 75-year history, small steps can make a big impact.


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