The new ODLO sustainability report is out

The results of the new sustainability report show a steady progress in product, social and environmental areas.

AT 26.09.2021 

ODLO has released the 19/20 sustainability report, that measures our efforts in terms of product, environmental and social responsibility. We are on a continuous journey towards a more sustainable future that requires unremitting action to push us forward, but we are also proud to share some of the achievements that our team has made during the last 12 months: 

One of the main pillars of ODLO’s Sustainability philosophy is to care for the well-being of everyone within our supply chain. Our partner Fair Wear Foundation has granted the company with the “Leader” status for the fifth consecutive time, confirming our leading role to date. 

During the last year, up to 97% of all ODLO’s production has been monitored, including partners and suppliers. This is the highest value ever reached, improving from the 93% registered last season. Regarding the brand’s work toward ensuring a living wage, the set target wage in their production facility in Romania has been successfully achieved. 

“Employee health and safety, throughout our entire supply chain, has always been and will always be a top priority at ODLO. For us, one thing remained clear: w****e are part of this system and will contribute to solving its problems”, Knut Are Høgberg claims. 

ODLO’s footprint on the environment has been reduced during the last 12 months. The air shipping is declined to 3% -from 8% the previous year- thanks to the “Rail & Road” system, reducing the CO2 emissions by 70% per transport. This is a consequence of producing 66% of the items in Europe. 

Other improvements, such as using recycled materials for all e-commerce shipping cartons, carbon neutral cartons for all outbound transportation and reducing the use of polybags shows dedication to key impact areas in logistics. As member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition ODLO continues to use the Higg Index suit of tools, that enables manufacturers, brands and retailers to evaluate their materials, facilities, and processes based on environmental and product design choices. Further growth in the environmental monitoring was achieved with 90% on of Tier 1 and 78% Tier 2 suppliers.

A total of 210 tons of PET bottles have been recycled into polyester and used to produce the ODLO’s best-seller Performance and Active Warm ECO collections, eliminating the need to extract additional crude oil. In total, 50% of all production materials are preferred and therefore sustainable. Regarding the animal welfare, ODLO continues to use 100% certified mulesing free Merino wool and down from non-lived plucked or forced fed animals

In order to boost clothing reuse and recycle, ODLO has launched the Take Back programme; ODLO stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will deploy boxes where clothes that have lived its longest life can be deposited so they can be resold or recycled. All donators will get a discount as a token for their involvement. 

With all these findings at hand, Knut Are Høgberg it is sure that “a company is not just moulded by its pursuit of sales and profit, but by its social responsibility. Our actions are guided by the knowledge that we have a responsibility – for many people, for society and for our environment. That is why we formulated challenging goals that we strive to meet, step by step”.


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