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For hiking, running and daily wear, made from advanced materials to keep you comfortable in any environment.

The Active 2 pack low socks

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The Ceramicool low socks

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Don’t underestimate how important good sports socks are – no matter, if you hike, run, ski, cycle, or workout. If your feet are too hot, too cold, wet or with blisters, it will affect your whole body and dampen your joy of your sports program or your adventure outdoors. Thanks to ODLO, look no further: we have women’s sports socks in different sizes, lengths, from various materials and for all kinds of activities. All materials and methods of manufacture ensure that even during the most challenging activity each foot remains well climatized and dry and doesn’t suffer from blisters. The seams are flat and positioned in such a way that they don’t rub against the skin.

Innovative apparel technologies for a perfect microclimate

Plain classical fabrics like wool or cotton aren’t the perfect match for your feet during strenuous sports activities. They, as well as newer synthetics, needed enhancements to properly function as climate-regulating textiles. ODLO’s constantly optimised apparel technologies, that combine the main fabric with other materials like ceramic particles or yak wool, made lightweight, moisture-balancing, sweat-reducing and active cooling and warming possible.

ODLO is at the forefront of highly functional sports apparel and innovative clothing technologies, including sports socks for women. Ceramicool™ for example is a material that actively cools down and has an enhanced moisture management, thanks to tiny ceramic particles, that are woven into the synthetic fabric. Women’s socks from this fabric are seamless at the toes. Plus, they offer a snug and compressive, yet very comfortable fit all around your feet and up the ankles – perfect for you to fully focus on your active and sports driven lifestyle.

ODLO’s Zeroscent™-technology, another example of highly innovative technologies making your active day easier, makes sure your feet don’t smell even after a long run. The base fabric is treated with silver ion which acts as a barrier against bacteria that cause unpleasant odour. ODLO’s sports socks for women let your feet stay fresh even during a long run or hike.

Women’s sports socks at ODLO

At ODLO, choose from sports socks in different sizes, colours and fits as well as from synthetic or natural material. You can also select regarding the planned sports activity in order to get a compatible list to pick from. All socks support the legs and feet’s blood flow during your workout thanks to a slight compression effect, making your muscles work more efficient and reducing the risk of soreness. The innovative materials and clothing technologies used for all women’s sports socks at ODLO ensure breathability, moisture draining and quick drying during and after workout.

If you plan on sports activities in cooler to cold climate like skiing or alpine hiking, your feet will do well with socks with a warming effect. Apparel technologies like Ceramiwarm™ allow thin and light socks that keep your feet warm thanks to inmixed ceramic particles.

For your workout program during warm temperatures we recommend socks with a cooling effect thanks to our CERAMICOOL™ technology.

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