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The Zeroweight collection. For runners chasing PBs in exceptional comfort.

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The Essentials and Active 365 range. For adding elevated staples to your everyday rotation.

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The X-Alp collection. For the very specific needs of running way off road.



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The Active 365 t-shirt

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The Essentials mesh tights

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To ensure that you're happy with your performance, ODLO offers running clothing for women that is lightweight, functional, breathable, and protective thanks to the use of high-quality fabrics and innovative technologies. ODLO running clothes are a reliable companion in all weathers. If you select your gear according to ODLO's three-layer principle, you will be ready for anything. Wind, rain, and snow won't affect your mileage.

Functional underwear

Practical sports underwear and sports bras make up the first layer of women's running clothing, fitting like a second skin and regulating moisture management. Synthetic fibres, which are highly breathable, absorb perspiration from the body and transfer it to the next layer of clothing. This layer of clothing is also fast-drying. Different collections adapt to your level of movement. With matching baselayers, you can complete your women's running outfit perfectly. Synthetic fibres and natural materials like merino or yak wool complement each other. For women, a sports bra is very important: on the one hand it provides protection, and on the other it absorbs impact when moving vigorously. You can find the perfect sports bra for your women's running outfit in three different levels of support.

Mid layers

During the summer, you can enjoy running with just a base layer; but on cooler days you will need at least a second layer of clothing. With a combination of synthetic fibres, natural materials and innovative technologies, the base layer provides optimum thermal insulation. Shirts, vests and airy running jackets are available in thinner and thicker designs to suit your personal temperature perception. Body heat is maintained and can even be increased, especially in frosty temperatures. This insulation protects you from harmful cooling. It ensures that you always feel comfortable, and makes sporting adventures feel like child's play. At the same time, the mid-layer layer absorbs moisture from the layer of practical underwear beneath, keeping it away from your skin. So you can enjoy feeling dry all day.


Some days you need safe protection from the elements. Jackets keep out wind, rain and snow, offering reliable protection. If a light rain shower threatens in summer, a thin waterproof jacket keeps you protected from the wet. ODLO's running jackets make especially reliable companions, as they have a protective layer in the front area and dissipate body heat via the back section. As you run, you won't even notice the garment thanks to its light weight. At low temperatures, there is a risk that your body will cool down. Thin and highly flexible softshell materials with thermal insulation effectively regulate your temperature level. Do you want to keep running, even when it's snowy and freezing outside? If so, choose women's running clothing. To enable you to carry your jacket with you as a precaution - just in case the weather changes - all models are especially lightweight and can easily be packed together.

The perfect trousers for a relaxed run

In addition to shirts, midlayers and jackets for women, ODLO's three-layer principle also includes trousers that are suitable for all weather conditions. They are elasticated and highly flexible, allowing you to pursue your passion carefree. Some models are even seamless, ensuring that you don't have to put up with any uncomfortable friction against the skin. From shorts for hot summer days to long and ¾-length tights for lower temperatures and running trousers offering additional insulation for the frosty days of winter: with ODLO, you are perfectly armed for every season. You can adapt your women's running clothes to suit your needs. It's advisable to have the right equipment for all weathers ready in your wardrobe - just in case. Breathable and moisture-regulating materials are always the best choice for your body. The elasticated inner shorts give you a secure feeling thanks to their snug fit, while the outer shorts provide a sporty style.

Running clothes for women: don't forget your accessories

To ensure that your sports outfit is perfect, don't forget to round it off with a few essential accessories. In a small running backpack you can safely store your most important valuables, such as your keys, money or smartphone. Inside, they are also protected from the elements. Caps, headbands and gloves are useful additions, especially in winter, to ensure that your head and hands don't get too cold. Socks should also be an important pillar of your women's running gear. Technologies like CERAMICOOL are helpful when your feet need to cool down in especially high temperatures. The compressive effect of knee socks shouldn't be underestimated either: they keep your muscles warm and prevent muscle soreness at the same time.

ODLO improves your performance

If you are looking for women's running clothing that will keep your temperature at the right level and protect you from the elements, you're in safe hands with ODLO. Light synthetic fibres and natural materials such as merino or yak wool offer the ultimate feel-good factor. Your runs can become real outdoor adventures if you don't have to worry about freezing or sweating with the right running clothing for women. ODLO is constantly developing its technologies to ensure that the functionality of their clothing is as high as possible, and meets your demands as an athlete.

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