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Hiking clothes for children: functional and warming

Children of all ages need functional and breathable clothing for hiking trips. If you want to take your very young ones along, you need to dress them properly to ensure they neither sweat nor freeze. For older children, hiking clothing is particularly popular because it is comfortable to wear and guarantees freedom of movement. Hiking clothes offer protection from the sun, keep dry and are breathable. Light hiking clothes that dry quickly and won't tear easily are suitable for summer. Warm hiking clothes are important for the colder months. UV protection should be provided for children's hiking clothing in every season.

Base layers and shirts

A hike with children is often interrupted by adventurous breaks. Everywhere there is something new to discover. To prevent the body from cooling down, quick-drying base layers are necessary. In different warming qualities – WARM and X-WARM – your children won't freeze even in the winter. The shirts and base layers are made with flat seams so that nothing scratches the skin. The body-hugging longer fit ensures that the clothes do not slip. ODLO relies on the innovative processing of silver ions. These ensure long-lasting freshness and trap unpleasant odours in the fibres.

Warming mid layers

On cold days with lots of snow, children are happy when they can play in nature. Soft and warm mid layers made of fleece are the ideal way to store body temperature. With a high stretch content, the material ensures maximum freedom of movement, optimal temperature balance and moisture absorption. Different warmth qualities of hiking clothing – WARM and X-WARM – suit all weather conditions.

Robust trousers

On most outdoor adventures, children quickly turn into explorers. If you dress your child in durable trousers that protect the sensitive body parts, they will explore nature all day long. Leggings in different warmth qualities and for different demands give your child the desired freedom of movement. At no time will they feel unpleasant moisture on their skin. The soft and warm materials make it impossible for them to feel cold. The seamless finish prevents chafing on the skin.

Jackets for weather protection

Rain and snow are no reasons not to go outside. Wind and waterproof jackets complete your child's hiking clothes and optimally store the body temperature. The comfortable and smooth softshell material with WINDPROOF technology ensures that wind does not harm your child. The skin always stays dry and warm. The sensitive areas are additionally protected without restricting freedom of movement. Reflective details ensure that your child is seen even in diffuse light.

Hiking clothing for kids by ODLO

Hiking clothes are ideal for children to feel comfortable all day long. ODLO offers you functional underwear, matching base layers as well as jackets and trousers that ensure an optimal body climate all day long. ODLO relies on innovative technologies and high-quality materials. ODLO is committed to protecting the environment, which is why you find sportswear made from recycled plastic bottles. The ECO collection is available for different activity levels and in different warmth qualities.

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