Trail running

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The X-Alp Performance Wool 115 trail running t-shirt

€ 48,95 - € 69,95

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The X-Alp 6-inch 2-in-1 trail running shorts

€ 51,95 - € 79,95

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The X-Alp trail running skirt

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The Zeroweight Chill-Tec t-shirt

€ 34,95 - € 49,95

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The X-Alp half-zip running t-shirt

€ 48,95 - € 74,95

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The X-Alp Performance Knit waterproof running jacket

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The X-Alp half-zip running t-shirt

€ 51,95 - € 74,95
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Increase your performance with ODLO's high-quality trail running clothing for women and men, perfect for all trail enthusiasts. Using advanced materials and design geared to support you at every step, you'll be superbly equipped to confidently tackle the diverse challenges of the trails.

What's important in clothing for trail running?

Trail running is about more than just running. It's about immersing yourself in nature, navigating uneven paths, and overcoming obstacles. For this, the right trail running gear is essential. It should be breathable, weatherproof, robust, and lightweight to meet the unique requirements of trail running. Discover the selection of running clothing for men and women.

Trail running shorts: a fusion of comfort and functionality

A pair of quality trail running shorts provides optimal grip, protection from the elements, and maximum freedom of movement. Whether loose or snug-fitting, it's crucial for them to be breathable and quick-drying. This ensures you stay dry and comfortable, even on the longest runs. Trail running shorts like ODLO's Zeroweight 5 Inch 2-in-1, offer a unique blend of form and function. With features such as a zippered pocket at the back for valuables and moisture-wicking, stretchable inner shorts equipped with a special phone pocket, they provide an uncompromised solution for avid runners. Let the running shorts for women and men convince you.

Trail running shirts: where breathability meets design

A trail running shirt is more than just a top. It wicks away sweat, maintains a steady body temperature, and protects against UV rays. Modern materials and designs ensure that you not only feel good but look great too. Here you will find the running shirts for men and women.

Jackets for your trail: protection in all weather conditions

Whether you're facing strong winds, rain, or even snow - a trail running jacket has got you covered. When it comes to your women’s- or men’s running jacket, look for waterproof and breathable fabrics that are also lightweight and compact. No trail running apparel collection is complete without a rain jacket.

The natural advantage: ODLO's Performance Wool

Performance Wool offers numerous advantages for trail running. It regulates temperature, provides warmth even when wet, and prevents unpleasant odors. Especially in colder weather or at higher altitudes, Performance Wool becomes an indispensable part of what to wear trail running.

Accessories: caps and socks for the perfect run

The perfect trail running outfits include the right accessories. Men’s and women’s trail running caps shield you from the sun and rain, while running socks for men and women give the foot optimal support and prevent blisters, rounding off your trail running gear for beginners and experienced runners alike. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trail runner, the right gear makes every run an experience. Dive into the variety now and embark on your next trail running adventure.

FAQs on trail running clothing

What sets trail running clothing apart?

Trail running clothes are specially designed for the unique challenges and conditions of off-road running. They provide optimal protection from the elements, ensure breathability, and facilitate ample movement on uneven terrains.

How do trail running shorts differ from regular running shorts?

Trail running shorts offer maximum freedom of movement and often come with special features like a zippered pocket at the back for valuables or a phone pocket. Moisture-wicking, stretchable inner shorts ensure optimal moisture management. These shorts are designed to stay in place and avoid chafing, making them ideal for long runs on challenging terrains.

What's the role of Performance Wool in trail running apparel?

Performance Wool regulates body temperature, keeps you warm even when wet, and prevents the build-up of unpleasant odors. It's an ideal fabric for changing conditions in trail running.

Which jackets are suitable for trail running?

Trail running jackets should protect against wind, rain, and even snow. They should be made of waterproof and breathable materials that are both light and compact. Freedom of movement is also crucial, allowing unhindered navigation through varying terrains.

Are there eco-friendly options in trail running clothing?

Yes, many brands, including ODLO, offer environmentally friendly choices made from sustainable materials and adopt eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing process.

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