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Cross-country skiing is a powerful endurance sport where you can go from zero to a hundred in a few minutes. You start your day in the cross-country skiing slowly and after a short time your level of movement is so high that you start to sweat. The correctly selected cross-country skiing clothing for men ensures that you maintain your normal body climate and that moisture is absorbed from your skin. Beginners in particular often make the mistake of using cross-country skiing clothes that are too warm, so that they overheat within a short period of time. ODLO's functional cross-country skiing clothing guarantees you optimum moisture management, maximum freedom of movement and warming properties, so that you feel completely comfortable on the trail.

Cross-country skiing clothing for men in the three-layer-principle

The decisive factors for your perfect cross-country skiing clothing are functionality and wearing comfort. You don't want to sweat or freeze so that you can enjoy your ski tour to the maximum. Icy wind cannot harm you with an impregnated and wind-protected outer layer, and your temperature is also kept at a comfortable level. Innovative technologies and lightweight materials also ensure a pleasant feeling.

Cross-country trousers for men

The anatomically cut cross-country trousers for men usually fit tightly to the body to provide better aerodynamics and keep the freedom of movement at a high level. Like the cross-country ski jackets, they form the outer layer in the functional three-layer-principle. That makes your standards high. Wind, wetness and cold must be kept away from the muscles to prevent them from cooling down. The WINDSHIELD technology ensures that icy winds do not penetrate through the layer of clothing with the membranes on sensitive parts of the body. Cross-country skiing is a motion-intensive sport where you do not have to accept any restrictions. ODLO's cross-country skiing trousers, in various fits and temperature levels, offer pleasant wearing comfort at all times.

Accessories for cross-country skiing

Low temperatures and icy winds do not stop at the head and hands. Most body heat escapes through an unprotected head. To complete your functional cross-country skiing clothing, you should use a thin cap or headband that insulates the heat without making you sweat. Thin materials and insulating layers of fleece guarantee you optimal temperature control. To do your fingers a favour as well, thin cross-country skiing gloves are a good choice. This not only warms your hands, but also helps you keep your grip on the pole.

Cross-country skiing clothing for men from ODLO

You can fully enjoy your outdoor adventure in the cross-country ski run if you wear the right cross-country skiing clothing. Base layers and mid layers perfectly adapted to your needs with innovative technologies as well as cross-country trousers and cross-country jackets made of light materials that protect you in all weather conditions are essential for this sport. Wind, wetness and cold have no chance to cool your body. With the right accessories, you will get cross-country skiing clothing that you can perfectly adapt to all weather conditions. So nothing stands in the way of an eventful day on the trail.

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