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The Essentials cycling jacket

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The Zeroweight running jacket

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Whether you're heading out for a short run through the forest or a long hike in the mountains, your outdoor excursion will only be perfect once you have decided on the right clothing. A protective jacket from ODLO ensures that you will always arrive at your destination dry and warm. With our large selection of jackets for men, you can defy the elements all year round. You've planned a hike, the weather forecast is excellent, but in the middle of your excursion you are surprised by rain showers and cold winds. With a men's jacket in your backpack to protect you from the elements, you are perfectly armed for the extremes. Wind, rain, snow, and cold temperatures can make a day in the great outdoors very uncomfortable if you are wearing the wrong clothing. With the right jacket, however, these challenges will become an unforgettable adventure. Thanks to their materials and innovative technologies, ODLO's functional jackets for men are sure to become a faithful companion for all outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're running, hiking, cycling, or cross-country skiing, these men's jackets will defy even extreme weather conditions - and still look great.

The right men's jacket from ODLO for every level of activity

No matter what your day in the great outdoors holds in store for you - you can never account for the weather. Rain showers, wind, and even snow often appear unexpectedly. For every weather and every level of activity, you will find the perfect men's jacket from ODLO, allowing you to enjoy your adventures.

Light running jackets ODLO's running jackets for men are water-repellent and breathable. Some ODLO models also feature Dual Dry waterproof technology, which protects you from wind and rain. The body's moisture is reliably absorbed and moisture from the outside doesn't penetrate the top layer of clothing. These running jackets will keep you nice and dry during your outdoor sporting adventures. At the same time, they are also equipped with additional ventilation zones and prevent the development of unpleasant odours thanks to their high-quality material mix. These men's jackets feature a comfortable cut that gives you maximum freedom of movement. If you run at dusk or even in the dark, reflectors ensure that you are seen at all times.

Men's jackets for every outdoor experience During hikes and extended trekking excursions, you can often be exposed to changes in the weather. When the sun is shining, you can easily stow your men's jacket in your backpack - and you will hardly notice its light weight. As you approach your summit or destination, the temperatures can begin to cool noticeably. With a lightweight insulating layer, your men's jacket will ensure that your body temperature stays at a comfortable level and protect you from freezing. Fleece jackets can be worn for skiing as a middle layer of clothing. During spring or autumn, fleeces worn as an outer layer ensure that your body temperature stays perfectly balanced during sporting activities. Thanks to their innovative technologies, they keep you warm during light exercise and offer the perfect protection against overheating during more strenuous phases. With a hardshell men's jacket you have a reliable companion for cooler days. Wind, rain, and cool temperatures won't present a problem and you will always feel completely comfortable.

Winter jackets for men When cross-country skiing or alpine skiing, breathability isn't the only thing that matters. You also need a high level of protection against the cold. With ODLO's S-Thermic men's jackets for winter, you will stay warm and dry even during the most extreme sporting pursuits. The G-Loft lining, which is distributed across the upper body and arms, is designed to ensure that you never freeze. ODLO's heat-insulating down jackets are also made in a way that provides maximum freedom of movement. With their clever cocoon finish, the neck cuff, hood, hem and sleeve cuffs are made to keep out the snow and cold. In extremely cold conditions, you can also wear an insulation jacket (S-Thermic or N-Thermic) beneath your hardshell jacket to keep you warm.

Innovative men's jackets to inspire you

With their water-repellent, wind-proof, and heat-insulating properties, ODLO jackets will protect you in all weathers. Their blend of synthetic fibres and natural materials - such as merino wool or yak wool - is their decisive secret. Even with a thin fleece as an insulating layer, you don't have to worry about freezing or getting soaked. Breathable jackets ensure a constant temperature level in any extreme weather. You can achieve your best performance with ODLO's jackets for men, which will accompany you on your outdoor adventures for a long time to come.

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