Better posture, better performance

Can good posture help you feel better and improve athletic performance, too?

By Mark Cohen

tech corner 26.09.2021

Sit up straight!

You probably heard that a lot growing up. But today, it’s a reminder we all need. Many of us suffer from bad backs and poor posture – the wear and tear that comes from desks and screen time. And while getting into the habit of stretching and doing yoga can help, wouldn’t it be great if the clothes you were wearing also set you straight?

If you’re a trail runner, you probably noticed that your running pack pulls your shoulders back thanks to the sternum straps and the way it fastens. When on, breathing gets easier. Your shoulders a little less hunched. You feel a little taller.

Replicating this movement was one of the main inspirations behind Active Spine: to create a base layer to run in, train or to just wear daily to build a stronger standing posture, boost breathing and help everyday athletes feel better overall. 

ODLO Active Spine

Better posture has big benefits.
Active Spine supports the natural function of the spine based on biomechanics. It straightens the shoulders, spine, torso, and expands the chest, which all supports greater range of motion, better breathing and quite possibly, more confidence. 

In 2018, the base layer was recognized by the International Sports Business Network (ISPO) – an independent 40-strong jury – which singled it out for innovation, recognizing Active Spine’s ability to impact performance and health. 

ODLO has since released Active Spine base layers in short and long sleeves and in lighter-weight versions. In that time, feedback on the product has been consistent. Wearing it helps with better breathing and just generally makes you feel better. As a performance layer, therefore, it has few peers – helping to keep you cool while actively encouraging better posture.

It’s one of our more innovative pieces and one we’d recommend trying. 


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