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An extended bike tour is not only demanding in terms of the choice of route, you also have to choose your bike wear carefully. It is not uncommon to encounter different temperatures and varying weather conditions. Women's cycling clothing not only needs to provide safe UV protection in the sun, it should also protect your body from overheating and keep out both wind and moisture. Whether cycling in your free time or as a passionate cyclist on a racing bike or mountain bike - your cycling clothes must be tailored to the demands of women and to their specific anatomy. Odlo offers you a wide range of highly functional cycling clothes for every type of cycling activity.

Cycling shorts for a comfortable fit

Above all, a comfortable fit and padding provide noticeable relief for you, especially on long road cycling tours or mountain bike excursions. This means you can sit in the saddle even for longer periods of time without any discomfort or pain on your sit bones. Cycling shorts by Odlo offer a high level of comfort with and without braces. Different degrees of padding are available:

Bronze: On excursions and road tours, cycling shorts with bronze padding are particularly soft in the saddle. Even long tours become an experience, as it offers all-round support for all athletes and activities.

Silver: Perfect for prolonged cycling performance, the Silver Padding by Odlo provides higher density and optimal moisture management for the best combination of comfort and stable support.

Gold: The anatomical padding guarantees greater comfort through perfect body alignment. The sophisticated padding also features a layer of Air Plus fabric that ensures maximum breathability and moisture transport on demanding bike tours.

With the Breeze cycling shorts from Odlo, you will find optimum air circulation and sweat absorption for warmer days. CERAMIWARM cycling shorts for cool days, on the other hand, feature a thin insulating layer to keep cold wind and low temperatures at bay. Your body stays pleasantly warm and protected from hypothermia. So that even a light rain shower does not diminish your performance, Odlo has developed its DualDry technology, which prevents moisture from penetrating through the fabric. In different lengths, short, ¾-length or long, Odlo has the perfect cycling shorts for everyone.

Three-layer principle of cycling clothing for women

The right women sports underwear for cycling

With a unique temperature control system, the base layers by Odlo reliably absorb moisture and sweat from your skin. In addition, they guarantee quick drying. Due to the close-fitting design of this first layer of cycling clothing for women, our sports underwear and cycling jerseys also ensure optimal regulation of the body temperature. Four different heat technologies - CERAMIWARM, Ceramicool, DUALDRY and various heat levels from X-LIGHT to X-WARM ensure your well-being in all seasons. Especially for cycling, Odlo has also developed sports underwear with the extraordinary Windshield Protection, which prevents the cool wind from reaching your skin in the first place.

Insulating mid layers

The second layer should provide warmth and protect against moisture. In summer and on warm days, thin, lightweight cycling jerseys and cycling shorts are perfectly sufficient to insulate the body heat. CERAMICOOL cycling clothing even ensures that your temperature level is cooled down by one degree. The thin synthetic fibres are also particularly breathable. On cooler days, a warming midlayer is recommended. Thin fleece, lightweight merino wool or yak wool not only store your body temperature, but the fabrics also protect you from hypothermia.

Protective cycling jackets and cycling vests

A light rain shower or cool wind is often unpleasant when you are outdoors and will affect your performance. With a thin jacket or a cycling vest that keeps out wetness and wind, you will feel more comfortable right away. Unwanted body moisture caused by sweating can escape making you feel dry at all times. Thin membranes allow both vapours and larger droplets to escape. In addition, the cycling jackets are windproof, have a high water column and are perfectly streamlined.

Useful accessories for women's cycling clothing

Protective accessories are essential on short and long bike tours and complement bike wear for women perfectly. To ensure that you don't get soggy feet in rain-soaked forests or on wet roads, shoe covers are the right choice. They also ensure that your feet do not cool down. For warm days, CERAMICOOL socks help to regulate body temperature. The ceramic particles in the material cool down your feet down by about one degree. In winter, CERAMIWARM socks and arm warmers protect you from freezing. Your hands also need their own bike wear. Gloves specially made for women provide the right grip on the handlebars at all times and protect your fingers from the elements. Soft padding prevents painful pressure points on long tours.

Cycling clothing for women at Odlo

High-quality, functional cycling clothing for men and women to ensure you are well-equipped at all times. Not only are innovative technologies used, but they are also supported by a material mix of synthetic and natural fibres. Our gloves and cycling shorts are softly padded, making them pleasant to wear. They are also comfortable to wear thanks to the breathable materials used. The bike wear for women by Odlo is equally suitable for occasional cyclists and professional bikers. It is the perfect cycling clothing for all those who want to turn a bike tour into a real experience.

Innovative women's mountain biking apparel: comfort and resilience

For women who brave the mountain trails, the right apparel is not just about enduring the journey but enhancing it. ODLO's collection of women's MTB clothing is crafted to be robust, yet flexible, ensuring a harmonious blend of function and form. Our exclusive ladies' mountain bike clothing line prioritizes ergonomic design, suited for the dynamic nature of mountain biking.

Tailored mountain bike clothing for ladies

Our exclusive line of mountain bike clothing for ladies emphasizes a fusion of style and substance. We offer contour-fitting cycling leggings that provide both protection and ease of movement, and breathable tops that ensure airflow while maintaining an athletic look. These pieces are constructed to support the unique physiology of women cyclists, ensuring performance and style on the trails with our specially designed ladies MTB clothing.

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