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Sports bags and backpacks for women: well equipped for your adventure

Sports backpacks and sports bags are part of everyday life. Whether for a workout after a hard day at the office, a run before work or a weekend hiking trip – with practical sports bags and sports backpacks you can show off at all sporting activities. They are just as suitable for transporting laptops and documents as they are for your running clothes and shoes. Bags and backpacks offer a high level of functionality for a comfortable fit and impress with their large capacity.

Sports bags

Before going to the office, quickly pack your sports bag and sling it over your shoulder – that's a good way to start the day. There are women’s sports bags for with different volumes so that you can keep active after work or during your lunch break. If your yoga class is on the agenda, a small bag with enough space for trousers and a shirt will be enough. You can put your towel in the practical side compartment so that the rest of the contents stay dry. If you prefer to recharge your batteries during a workout, the sports outfit is also perfectly stowed in a sports bag for women. Small side pockets offer space for your valuables, which you can keep close at hand at all times. All sports bags by ODLO are made of particularly light material and weigh very little.

Sports backpacks

For some active women, a sports backpack is the best choice. You have your hands free at all times and your equipment is safely packed away. To ensure that you are well equipped for your activities, you need a women's sports backpack with the right capacity and additional pockets for some money, your mobile phone, or keys. Some models even have room for your laptop, in case you want to start your sports program right after work. You can choose between 18 and 80 litres of volume. That's even enough for a hiking trip over the weekend. The materials are lightweight and water-repellent. The back section has a special padding to protect your shoulders and hips when carrying the extra weight. A sophisticated compression system protects the contents in your backpack from moving around.

Running bags

Especially on longer runs through the great outdoors, you should take enough to drink with you. If you like to listen to music, your mobile phone needs to be stowed away safely. ODLO running bags are indispensable accessories for adventurous and active women. They have an integrated hydration system that holds up to 1.5 litres of liquid and can maintain the temperature over a long period of time. You can safely put your keys and money in the small side pockets. The hip belt is individually adjustable to easily adapt it to your size. Whether you are training or competing – with this sports bag for women, you'll always have your most important items with you.


You need a lot of luggage for an extended ski tour or a weekend hiking trip. A change of underwear, shoes, maybe a laptop for looking at photos and a toiletry bag – a trolley is an excellent way to transport everything you need. With a capacity of between 40 and 110 litres, the sports equipment can easily be more extensive. Two main compartments offer enough space for trousers, sweatshirts, or jackets. The mesh pockets ensure that you always have access to important small items. The trolley is complemented by a practical laptop compartment. Smooth-running wheels are attached to the bottom so that the sports bag can be moved easily when travelling. The rubberised surface of the trolley is abrasion-resistant and particularly hard-wearing.

Sports bags and sports backpacks for women by ODLO

You can't always start your sports program directly from home. In order to pack your shirts, trousers, and shoes safely, you choose from ODLO sports bags and backpacks for women, which will provide you with the best equipment. They are adapted to your sporting activities and offer you a maximum freedom of movement and a large packing volume. Whether you are running, skiing, hiking, or cycling, there's always room for weather-proof clothing and enough food. ODLO is primarily known for functional sports apparel. base layers, mid layers, jackets, and trousers can be adapted to the weather so that you enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather conditions. ODLO has designed the three-layer principle for this. Your sports outfit is equipped with innovative technologies that prevent you from cooling down or overheating. In addition, tiny silver ions ensure that unpleasant odours don't develop in the first place and that you always start fresh.

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