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Looking for the best men’s sports shorts for your next cycling, running or gym session? Our running and cycling experts explore the essential features, fabrics and fits to consider when buying shorts, whether for running, hiking, cycling or mountain biking.

What makes the best men's sports shorts?

The best men's cycling shorts are made of sturdy, flexible materials that reduce friction and increase comfort. They’re designed to offer a snug fit, excellent moisture management and sufficient padding. Take our Zeroweight tight shorts, for example, created for hours of comfort. Or our Ride 365 shorts, ideal for casual everyday rides. For running, our men’s 2-in-1 shorts come in various lengths and fits for personalised comfort. (For example, our X-Alp 6-inch trail running shorts for men.) Some come with netting so air can flow freely and cool you down during long workouts whilst ensuring a full range of motion.

What sports shorts size should you opt for?

The ideal size for men's training shorts varies depending on your preferences, measurements and activity. Cycling shorts should fit just above your kneecaps for extra coverage and protection from chafing, while men’s running shorts are shorter for flexibility and movement. Not sure of your size? Use our size guide to measure and find your fit.

What are sports shorts for men made of?

Sports shorts are crafted from synthetic or recycled materials that offer a balance of comfort, functionality and durability. Each of ODLO's sports shorts for men are meticulously designed for unrivalled style, performance and comfort.

How much do sports shorts weigh?

The weight of gym shorts for men depends on their fabric, design, length and additional features. ODLO's workout shorts for men are all developed with lightweight materials to allow you to test your limits (and overcome them). Despite their featherlight nature, these shorts are robust and durable, ready to withstand any workout.

What should you wear with sports shorts?

While shorts are a summer staple, they can be worn year-round indoors. For outdoor activities in cooler weather, layer up with ODLO's men's pants and tights. Complete your outfit with a tank top, singlet or tee on your next run, or pair a cycling bib with a jersey and base layer for extra comfort on your next climb.

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