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Children have an irrepressible urge to move. Races with their friends, those initial attempts to ride a bike or an adventure-filled day in the playground mean that there are some very specific demands when it comes to purchasing the correct sports clothing. Functional properties, high-quality materials and innovative technologies form the perfect starting point for everyday experiences in the great outdoors. If your child is also discovering sporting adventures for him or herself – hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing or cycling – with ODLO, you can rest assured that you are on the safe side. When children reach nursery and school age, sports clothing increases further in importance, especially when they are first joining a sports club or when sport becomes part of their school timetable.

Optimal protection in all seasons

ODLO is aware of its responsibility to preserve in children for as long as possible that enjoyment found in movement and time spent outdoors. Whether venturing into team sports for the first time, going on cycling trips, playing winter sports or hiking in the countryside – having the right sports clothing plays an important role. Here too, with regard to the composition of the garments, the three-layer principle has proven effective, ensuring optimal moisture management, perfect temperature control and protection against the elements. Alongside sports underwear, ODLO also offers sports trousers, T-Shirts, mid layers and jackets. The combination of natural and synthetic fibres, alongside innovative technologies, promises the highest level of comfort and maximum freedom of movement for your child. From base layers to the outer layer, microfibres ensure that the wearer will neither overheat, nor suffer from the cold.

Sports clothing for children, based on ODLO's three-layer principle

The wearing of multiple layers of sports clothing over the top of one another has proven effective. As a complete system, all of the layers are responsible for maintaining an optimal body temperature.

Sports underwear for children

Sweating is particularly uncomfortable for children. It is therefore all the more important that they wear a first layer that reliably wicks moisture away from the skin, while simultaneously providing insulation to keep existing body heat in. Sports underwear serve as a second skin, even for children. Thanks to the flat seams, they cause no pressure points or rubbing. Available with various heat ratings – X-LIGHT, LIGHT, WARM and X-WARM they are suitable for outdoor wear in various temperatures, all year round, and can be worn when performing activities with varying levels of movement. We offer sports underwear in the following lines:

PERFORMANCE: When playing highly intense sports, sports underwear are particular effective. It can be worn in both high and low temperatures, and guarantees optimal thermal regulation, all day long.

ACTIVE: For everyday wear or moderate sporting activities, the ACTIVE underwear line is the best choice. At any time of year and in all weather conditions, the thermal properties have been carefully tailored and divided into four heat categories.

NATURAL: The natural merino wool feels particularly soft against the skin and provides natural temperature regulation and odour control.

ECO: ODLO also offers sustainable sports clothing for children in its ECO line. 100% of the materials used are sourced from recyclable waste – such as PET bottles. This is used to produce polyester, which provides exceptional temperature regulation, especially in winter.

To ensure that your child enjoys the sports clothing for a long time to come, ODLO equips its sports underwear with Zeroscent Technology, which guarantees quick drying and prevents odours before they even have the chance to form.

Insulating mid layer

Whether playing winter sports, cycling or running – your children like to feel comfortable on every sporting adventure. As a second layer, warming mid layers are a must-have. The sweat from the first layer of clothing is wicked outwards. However, thanks to the high-quality materials, the T-shirts or long-sleeved shirts do not draw all of this in, instead ensuring fast drying. Innovative technologies support this functionality. The properties of the long-sleeved top are tailored to the needs of children. High collars, half zips or extra-long cuffs prevent the wind and rain from getting in.

Protective outer layer

Jackets are absolutely essential, especially during the colder months. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a heavy winter jacket, however, protection against the weather is vital in rain, snow or wind. This final layer should direct heat back towards the body and keep external influences at bay. A high collar, a fixed hood or side pockets provide added comfort. In addition to this, reflective details make your child more visible when it gets dark. With the AEOLUS outer layers you get wind-proof garments that keep you particularly warm in winter. The comfortable soft-shell jackets are perfect for trying out those first few steps on the trail, or for regular cross-country skiing. Fleece pullovers, on the other hand, protect your child on rapid descents, and during the subsequent time spent waiting on the ski lift. Moisture is wicked outwards, while the thermal properties provide a balanced feeling of warmth.

Sports clothing for children from ODLO

ODLO carries a wide range of sports clothing for children. An insulating outfit is required so that your child can enjoy a carefree day amongst nature, whilst braving the wind and rain. With ODLO you get a diverse product range to meet all individual requirements. With the ski underwear with various heat ratings, you will find base layers with and without hoods, as well as underpants. The set also includes long-sleeved tops and trousers, so that the clothing all matches up. While you may focus on the high level of functionality, having the right look is more important to children. An overall with exceptional thermal properties will also provide sufficient warmth, without restricting movement. To round off your child’s sports clothing, having the right accessories is a must. Gloves will keep little fingers well protected, even after a lengthy snowball fight. To prevent body heat from being wasted as a result of heat loss via the head, a ski mask can come in handy. The long scarf keeps the neck warm, while the ears are protected from the cold thanks to the close-fitting headpiece.

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