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Insulating layers crafted for performance, warmth and comfort.

The Active 365 knit hoody

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The Berra mid layer zip

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The Tencia mid layer zip

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The Tencia full zip hoody

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At Odlo, you will find a wide range of men's mid layers to meet your personal needs and allow you to defy the elements. Movement-intensive activities in the great outdoors require safe thermal insulation and weather protection for our bodies, especially on cooler days. Odlo's mid layers cover the entire upper body and are a flexible alternative to jackets. Innovative technologies and a functional material blend offer you an additional insulation layer for all outdoor sports activities.

Men's outdoor mid layers for everyday adventure

If you're heading out for a run, the lightweight garments in Odlo's Zeroweight collection are ideal. Weighing just a few grams, these models can be compacted down effectively and are sure to impress you with their high breathability. Body heat is dissipated via the back and armholes and the garment is also water-repellent. In addition, Odlo's practical running clothing, featuring reflective stripes, ensures that you won't go unnoticed as darkness falls. Odlo's running mid layers will also impress you with their thinness, while still protecting your body from the wind. Body heat can escape via the back section and the moisture management system works reliably. The sensitive parts of the body are protected from both overheating and cooling. If you wear your Odlo men's mid layers over a T-shirt, the extra layer of clothing provides an additional measure of warmth but still does not restrict your freedom of movement.

On hiking and trekking excursions, you may unexpectedly experience a change in the weather - and you need to be prepared for this. With your men's mid layer stowed in your backpack, it guarantees you sufficient insulation through fleece, merino wool on the one hand and high breathability thanks to the use of high-quality synthetic fibres on the other. Moisture is absorbed and the protective waterproof coating also keeps light moisture safely away from your body. Even on challenging bike excursions that require plenty of exertion, fast descents can get quite chilly. A thin mid layer provides relief and protects your body from cold breezes.

Explore our range of mid layers, each designed to match your specific activity and provide the ultimate in comfort and protection:

  • - Zip & half-zip styles: Offering convenience and adaptability, our zip and half-zip mid layers are perfect for quick temperature regulation. Ideal for runners, hikers and winter sports activities, they balance insulation with ventilation.
  • - Long sleeve shirts: Crafted with technologies like Performance Wool, our long-sleeve shirts excel in moisture management and temperature control, making them versatile for various outdoor pursuits, without any distraction.
  • - Hoody mid layers: Providing extra warmth and protection, our hoody mid layers are designed to keep you comfortable during colder conditions. The added hood offers an extra layer of defense against the elements.
  • - Advanced technologies: Explore our mid layers with innovative technologies like Ceramiwarm and Zeroweight. Ceramiwarm ensures exceptional heat insulation, while Zeroweight offers lightweight breathability, ideal for intense activities.

Our mid layers are designed for optimal moisture management, keeping you dry in challenging conditions. Whether you're skiing, hiking, running, or cycling, they strike the perfect balance between insulation and breathability, ensuring your comfort and focus. Our versatile mid layers are tailored to elevate your outdoor adventures, making every moment in nature enjoyable.

A reliable mid layer for wind and weather-protection

To ensure that bad weather can't put a damper on your plans, Odlo offers outdoor wear that feature innovative technologies. Worn together with a mid layer, they provide perfect insulation against low temperatures while also protecting you from wind. They can also be packed down in a space-saving way, ensuring that you are optimally prepared for longer adventures. Shirts as mid layers ensure the perfect temperature level for all activities using Odlo's three-layer-principle. Whether they are worn as an outer layer for running or cycling or under a men's jacket for hiking or cross-country skiing - their high-quality material and innovative technologies will help you perform to your best. Your choice of mid layers from Odlo is almost unlimited. As a top or mid layer with a hood, zipper or breast pocket, Odlo's shirts will impress you with their high practicality and sporty design. They keep the body at a cool temperature level and wick moisture away from the skin. An additional outer layer protects you from frosty minus temperatures.

Men's mid layer from Odlo for a strong performance

Practical outdoor clothing is essential when you are out in the great outdoors. This doesn't just mean sports underwear and base layers that regulate your body's moisture: mid layers and - depending on the weather - jackets are also a must. Odlo offers a large selection of sports and outdoor clothing that is perfectly tailored to your needs and your high demands as an athlete. Are you ready for your outdoor sporting adventures?

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