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A couple wearing the ODLO x ESM

Odlo x Engadin Skimarathon

Shop the exclusive collection of performance XC pieces as you prep for the Engadiner.

A couple wearing the ODLO x ESM

Odlo x Engadin Skimarathon

Shop the exclusive collection of performance XC pieces as you prep for the Engadiner.

A couple wearing the ODLO x ESM

Odlo x Engadin Skimarathon

Shop the exclusive collection of performance XC pieces as you prep for the Engadiner.

A couple wearing the ODLO x ESM

Odlo x Engadin Skimarathon

Shop the exclusive collection of performance XC pieces as you prep for the Engadiner.

The Langnes cross-country pant

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The Engvik cross-country pants

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The Polyknit Warm hat

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The Ceramiwarm hat

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The move Light hat

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The Ceramiwarm headband

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The reversible headband

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The move Light headband

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Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular outdoor sports in winter. Exercising in the great outdoors is fun and is a real adventure on every tour. With the right cross-country skiing clothing for women you can enjoy the day to the full. Whether a beginner or professional, classic or skating - cross-country jackets and trousers as well as functional underwear perfectly tailored to your level of movement are an absolute must. You choose the cross-country skiing clothing according to ODLO's three-layer principle, whereby moisture is absorbed from the skin, body heat is stored according to your needs and at the same time wind, snow and cold are kept out. For a successful cross-country skiing tour it is important that you can enjoy maximum freedom of movement and do not feel restricted at any time.

Cross-country skiing clothing in the three-layer principle

Cross-country skiing is a sport with a high level of activity. You start relatively leisurely, but still start sweating after a few minutes. Beginners in particular find it difficult to choose the right clothing to match the intensity of movement. Either the clothing is too thick and after a short time you start to sweat unpleasantly or it is too thin and you start to freeze. Therefore your cross-country skiing clothing must be optimally adapted to your level of activity. With ODLO's three-layer principle, you are on the safe side.

Functional underwear and base layers

Cross-country skiing clothing for women starts with a supporting sports bra. ODLO offers you three different levels of support: soft, medium and high. You can adjust your sports bra to fit, depending on the size of your breasts and the activity. Dense materials provide optimum support. With a seamless finish, it does not press or rub on the skin and gives the breasts a secure hold during heavy movements. Special features include breathability and the removal of moisture. With a functional base layer you complete the first layer. The shirts are provided with short or long sleeves according to your needs. They are particularly important in the whole system because they also wick moisture from the skin and are breathable at the same time. This prevents heat accumulation. You will find the base layer of your cross-country skiing clothing in different underwear concepts. ACTIVE, PERFORMANCE or NATURAL stand for either tight-fitting or loose-fitting base layers, which you can choose according to your personal requirements. Functionality is ensured to the highest degree. Materials such as synthetic fibres and merino wool have a moisture and climate regulating effect. Particularly noteworthy is the PERFORMANCE Windshield sports underwear, which offers effective protection against cold and wind.

Insulating mid layer

The second layer provides sufficient heat on cold days. Temperatures far below freezing point cool your body down, the midlayers from ODLO compensate for the differences. They are equipped with a warming insulating layer of fleece or wool that provides warmth according to your needs. Innovative technologies such as Yakwarm or Ceramiwarm provide a pleasant feeling without overheating.

Outer layer against wind and weather

A cross-country skiing jacket is an important part of weather protection during your outdoor adventure. In cross-country skiing, it is important that it keeps the icy wind and moisture out, while at the same time providing an extra layer of insulation. Strategically placed inserts ensure that the cold does not get to your body even in icy winds. Cross-country ski jackets with Yakwarm technology are the first choice for cold days. The natural yak wool stores heat and releases it when you need it. In mild temperatures, a soft shell jacket is ideal for your cross-country skiing clothing, which also guarantees maximum freedom of movement and comfort. Water-repellent material is of great importance, so you will not be surprised by sleet. Depending on your personal needs, you will get the highest level of cross-country skiing comfort with the feather-light ZEROWEIGHT or AEOLUS cross-country jackets. The Zeroweight collection is characterised by light and particularly warming properties. The thin softshell material has a comfortable fit and offers you maximum freedom of movement. AEOLUS fleece jackets are the right choice on frosty days. Thanks to the body mapping, they offer you a perfect combination of thermal insulation and breathability in particularly sensitive body zones.

Indispensable skiwear for women: functional ski trousers

In order not to expose your body to the cold temperatures, your ski trousers must also be highly functional and breathable. Damp snow has no chance to penetrate the innovative fabric structures. These even isolate your body when it takes a while at the ski lift. High-tech impregnation and innovative technologies ensure that the membranes do not let icy wind through. Your skiwear is only perfect if it can withstand the elements. For relaxed ski tours, softshell trousers with a lining are ideal, for a fast-paced day on the slopes, the ski trousers are equipped with additional snow catches and zipped pockets for valuables or ski pass. The trousers are made of a particularly light and comfortable material so that you have full freedom of movement at all times during your high-intensity activities.

Long running trousers for women

For an extended day of cross-country skiing, the choice of the right cross-country trousers is also crucial. As with the cross-country ski jackets, this is also an outer layer - it must be both breathable and weather-resistant. On mild days a thin pair of trousers is sufficient to keep the cold wind and wetness away. At the same time, a thin insulating layer ensures that body heat is stored. Like all women's cross-country skiing clothing, the trousers ensure that body moisture is absorbed and you do not continue to run in sweat. On icy days, you can also wear shorts with S-Thermic technology over the tights, which provide an additional source of heat for the thighs. It is especially important that you have full freedom of movement in your cross-country trousers and can therefore move freely and naturally.

Accessories for cross-country skiing

Hats & gloves , headbands and socks complete the cross-country skiing clothing for women. Most body heat escapes through an unprotected head. In order to store the heat there, thin WARM caps or CERAMIWARM headbands are useful accessories that preserve climate management. At the same time the ears are kept warm. With X-WARM gloves you will have warm hands and fingers at all times and can hold your poles securely. The gloves also protect you from the cold wind. The garments are breathable, so you never break a sweat.

Cross-country skiing clothing for women from ODLO

Breathability, insulation and weather protection are the basic requirements for functional cross-country skiing clothing for women. At ODLO, you will find cross-country jackets, cross-country trousers as well as sports underwear and midlayers which meet your needs and give you a pleasant feeling on the trail. Adapted to your movements you will find functional underwear and midlayers in different wearing concepts and warmth levels. Cross-country skiing clothing for women is comfortable to wear and protects your body from the extreme weather conditions.

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