ODLO supports circularity commitment with launch of broader ReWEAR concept

Programme designed to “give gear a second life” will be showcased at ODLO’s new flagship Zurich store.

(October 11th, Hünenberg, CH) – ODLO, the Swiss-based performance apparel brand, today announced the launch of its new expanded circularity initiative dubbed ODLO ReWEAR.


Part of the company’s renewed sustainability effort to “close the loop,” ReWEAR aims to reduce waste by giving pieces a second life when they may have otherwise reached the end of the road. It incorporates two services designed to keep ODLO pieces out there for as long as possible: resale and take-back.


Pre-loved apparel now resold


The resale arm of ReWEAR makes completely refurbished ODLO items available for in-store purchase at a fraction of the original cost.

Each item is picked from TEXAID’s inventory as well as ODLO’s in-store take-back goods. The pieces are then carefully restored, returning them to a near-new state, which in most cases means they’re deep cleaned, de-pilled, or lovingly repaired.


“Re-selling preloved pieces from past seasons and reducing overall waste generation throughout our clothing’s lifecycle is a key component of our circularity commitment,” says Johanna Heimlicher, head of sustainability at ODLO. “We’re excited to see this project take flight and eager to see where these pieces adventure to next.” 


Piloting in ODLO’s new flagship Zurich store


ReWEAR’s resale arm will first launch as a concept in ODLO’s new flagship with 30 preloved pieces available for purchase. The concept will then likely be extended into additional brand stores, ensuring more gear gets back out there. 


The ReWEAR initiative also incorporates ODLO’s existing take-back service, already available within their brand stores across Switzerland and Germany. The take-back offering provides a simple way for unwanted sports apparel to be donated to a new home or to be responsibly recycled.


This focus on circularity will be showcased in ODLO’s new Zurich store, which opened earlier this week. Located in the hub of leading outdoor brands on Löwenstrasse, the company is thrilled to be opening a flagship in this vibrant city and in close proximity to their Hünenberg headquarters. 

ODLO ReWEAR - Tear it up out there

We can do more


“We can do more” is ODLO’s continued commitment to protecting the spaces we love long into the future.


ReWEAR aligns into ODLO’s “Close the loop” circularity commitment. The company aims to design products to be durable, with the ability to repair and reuse, so that its apparel can be enjoyed long into the future.

However, ODLO continues to recognise that they have more work ahead and state that the launch of initiatives like this is just the start. Find out more about ODLO’s sustainability actions here



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