Hiking outfits that are easy to combine with the Koya line for women

Hiking and elegance are not incompatible but it is not always easy to find the right colour match when buying or selecting an outfit. Our Koya hiking clothing line, named after Mount Koya in Japan, offers complete outfits - pants, t-shirt, midlayer and jacket - that are easy to match.

The name Koya for this line of versatile, technical and comfortable hiking clothing evokes a mountain range shrouded in mysticism that pleases hikers and walkers who are lucky enough to get there, but it is of course possible to fully enjoy these clothes in closer surroundings.

The Koya shorts and pants are equipped with our Ceramicool skin cooling technology and allow you to avoid overheating when the sun is beating down or when the gradient becomes steeper.

T-shirts and polo shirts are made from 50% merino wool, known for its excellent thermal and odour control, and 50% Tencel Lyocell fibre, which is created using a particularly environmentally friendly process and whose softness, comfort and thermal regulation will not leave you indifferent.

Koya midlayers are designed to maintain maximum freedom of movement so that you can enjoy their warmth without compromising your comfort. Their good thermal regulation, provided either by their zip closure to evacuate excess heat or by their strategically placed ventilation zones, allows you to wear them in a multitude of scenarios.

Finally, the Koya jacket has the advantage of being ultra-light and very compact. It folds up into a very small pocket and can be easily carried everywhere. Thanks to its laser-cut ventilation zones, this breathable windbreaker protects you without overheating, even in the middle of action.

>> Are you looking for a similar hiking outfit for a man? Then discover the SAIKAI line for men now!


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AM 26.09.2021