Men Base layers

Comfy base layers crafted for optimal performance in any conditions.

Precision-made for any environment & intensity

A man wearing a X-Light base layer


Keeps the body dry on hot days and during intense activities

A man wearing a light base layer


For the optimal body climate all year round and all activities.

A man wearing a Warm base layer


For comfortable warmth in cold conditions

A man wearing a X-Warm base layer


Insulates, warms and protects the body in very cold conditions

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ODLO is the inventor of the active base layer and offers a wide variety of men’s sports underwear - for every outdoor activity and performance level.

Temperature control system for your comfort

If you're cycling, skiing or running outdoors, you need sports underwear that regulates moisture and keeps your body at an optimum temperature. Depending on your activity level, choose from boxer shorts, long underpants, shirts or shirts with four different temperature control systems from ODLO.

Sports underwear with the X-LIGHT or LIGHT label is ideal for year-round use during outdoor sporting activities. Even during intensive activities, this sports underwear keeps the body dry. In summer it protects you from overheating and in low temperatures it keeps your body warm. With ODLO's sports underwear for men, you will feel completely comfortable whether it's snowy, sunny, or windy If you get very cold quickly when skiing or snow hiking, the WARM and X-WARM sports underwear categories are perfectly tailored to your sporting needs. ODLO's functional baselayers offer a higher level of thermal insulation around especially sensitive parts of the body and do not cause you to freeze - even when temperatures drop well below zero. At the same time, they absorb moisture completely and keep your skin dry.

Sports underwear for men in the three-layer-principle

If you're hiking, cross-country skiing or jogging, your level of activity will be very different. An adventure in the mountains can last many hours and involve many different weather conditions: during your daily circuit, you can achieve top performance after just a few minutes. To ensure that your outdoor experience is as enjoyable as possible, ODLO provides the right sports underwear for optimum moisture regulation on your skin. Sweat is reliably absorbed from the baselayer, and dissipated into the next layer of clothing.

Sports underwear for men who demand a lot of their clothing

With innovative technologies for moisture and odour control, as well as a unique blend of materials for thermal insulation, you can perform to your best in the great outdoors. Sweaty running laps, hikes to steep mountain peaks and relaxed cross-country skiing excursions will be no match for your body. An efficient blend of synthetic fibres and natural materials such as merino wool regulates your temperature level and ensures optimum moisture transport. The high elasticity of ODLO's sports underwear for men ensures that your freedom of movement is never restricted. With sports underwear available in ACTIVE features an anatomically tailored fit for men, offering boxer shorts and underwear as reliable companions for any sporting activity. PERFORMANCE sports underwear provides a high degree of flexibility and freedom of movement, with reinforced zones and extremely stretchy material for great versatility. If you love the feel of natural fibres on your skin but still want to enjoy all the advantages of lightweight sports underwear, our NATURAL line is the perfect choice.

Outdoor sports underwear from ODLO

As a passionate athlete and outdoor adventurer, ODLO's base layers will ensure that you are ready for anything. You will find a wide range of boxer shorts, long underpants, shirts, T-shirts, and long-sleeved shirts in our online shop. ODLO's sports underwear isn't just comfortable: it feels like a second skin. With your new high-performance outfit, you can enjoy exceptional comfort as well as the outstanding functional properties of ODLO's outdoor sports underwear.

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