Heren Sokken

Voor wandelen, hardlopen of gewoon voor elke dag. Gemaakt van geavanceerde materialen voor comfort in elke situatie.

Lage Active 2 pack-sokken

€ 11,90 - € 14,95

Lage Ceramicool-sokken

€ 12,70 - € 15,95

Primaloft Hike sokken

€ 23,95 - € 29,95
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When living an active life, there is no such thing as just socks. Especially during workout or other strenuous activities like skiing, cycling, hiking, or running, your feet need to be taken extra care of. Socks have the task of keeping feet warm or cool – depending on the outside temperatures – and dry and should be comfortable and breathable at the same time. That are a lot of characteristics for a sock to meet. ODLO’s sports socks for men master all these features. Thanks to innovative functional textiles and apparel technology, your feet stay fresh during your sports program.

High-tech sports socks keep your feet well-climatised

Sports socks are an important part of your sports outfit. Your feet carry your whole body weight from A to B. As long as you are not doing strenuous physical activities, they feel comfortable in cotton or other natural fabrics. But as soon as you do sports, other materials are required. Why? Pure cotton or wool provide a good skin climate but dampen very easily, won’t dry quickly and tend to rub against your skin when you work out. Innovative material technologies like the ones ODLO developed combine all needed properties: breathable, moisture draining, comfortable, warming or cooling. This means there is always the right time and climate to fully commit to your sports program – no matter if it’s hot, cold or rainy. ODLO, pioneer in high-tech sports apparel, dresses your perfectly from tip to toe.

Happy feet with ODLO: stay on top of your game

If your feet are too hot, too cold, wet or suffer from blisters, you won’t be able to deliver peak performance. Your whole body and especially also your mind will be compromised. Thanks to ODLO, this scenario won’t occur, or at least not regarding the sports apparel from sock to outer layer. We have men’s sports socks in different sizes, lengths, made from various materials and for all kinds of activities. The used enhanced materials, material mixes and sewing methods ensure that even during the most challenging activity your feet remain well-climatised. The material is moisture-wicking and breathable; your feet won’t sweat. The seams are very flat and positioned in such a way that they don’t rub against the skin.

Men’s sports socks for colder days

Cold weather, of course, will not hinder you from doing sports or having outdoor adventures, because your feet and also the rest of your body is dressed accordingly, thanks to ODLO’s sports apparel for men. Our socks with the technology and/or TCS (ODLO’s temperature control system) labels Ceramiwarm™ or WARM for example are designed for the use in cold weather down to below -20° C.

Socks for warmer temperatures

In warm climate, choose socks that hold the name addendum LIGHT, X-LIGHT or also for example Ceramicool™. With these, comfort and a good foot climate while doing sports within temperature ranges of between roughly 0 °C and +30 °C is given – depending on the activity.

Odour control

All our socks are breathable and prevent your feet from building up unpleasant odour. Some of our socks are additionally labelled Zeroscent™, which is a sustainable anti-odour technology powered by HeiQ FRESH. Thanks to silver ions, that are integrated into the base fabric, the socks are not only breathable, but also equipped with a barrier against bacteria that cause unpleasant smells.

Zero excuse to be lazy with men’s sports socks from ODLO

ODLO is a pioneer when it comes to sports apparel that is suitable for all kinds of activities and outdoor adventures. We focus on optimizing every part of your sports outfit down to the socks. There is now zero excuse for not doing sports. We take care of all the clothing layers you will need – leaving you with just needing to focus on your sports commitment.

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