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With the right sportswear, men feel completely comfortable during their daily training. ODLO menswear collections for daily exercise in the great outdoors, motivating to high-powered performance and testing sporting limits every day. For ODLO, the focus isn´t just on performance and innovation. ODLO functional sportswear aims to help men achieve top sporting achievements in outdoor sports.


Functional underwear, T-shirts, vests or jackets use a three-layer system to create their own microclimate, keeping your body permanently at a comfortable temperature. The sustainably produced TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers from wood pulp used for this purpose are combined with merino wool or also yak wool. Innovative DualDry waterproof systems create sportswear for men that quickly wick away body moisture and also prevent moisture from the outside from penetrating the outfit. These fabrics are also breathable, so you always feel comfortable and can enjoy your outdoor experience without restrictions.


Your sportswear for men will function best with the three-layer system. The first layer is the thin base layer or sports underwear. It fits like a second skin. You´ll never get too cold, because sports underwear from ODLO regulates moisture levels on the skin. The second layer also plays a role in the triple layer system. The middle layers in ODLO - T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts or polo shirts - give you maximum freedom of movement and are very comfortable. High insulation keeps your natural body temperature at a comfortable level. A strenuous run in the mountains may make you sweat, but your skin remains dry at all times. The middle layer almost completely insulates the body's own temperature level. The third and final layer - the outer layer - ensures that you don't have to deal with rain and wind, even on cold, wet days. When skiing, hiking or on a bike tour, defy the elements with sportswear for men. The breathable fabrics also prevent overheating. The different layers of ODLO's Advanced Microclimate Management are an important contribution to a healthy, high-performance outdoor experience. Choose the men´s sportswear that´s right for you, so you feel comfortable and can deliver the best possible performance.


Complete your training outfit with right accessories. Long and varied runs are great fun and the right balance after a stressful day. Nothing would be worse than running with painful blisters or with uncomfortably sweaty feet. Compressing Sports socks support heavily stressed areas and at the same time ensure that no unpleasant odours arise. You can prevent sore muscles by slowly increasing your training intensity or by choosing sports socks from ODLO. The Muscle Force technology keeps your legs warm when exercising outdoors. Whether skiing, hiking or jogging - do something good for your feet.


ODLO's standards are as high as your expectations of a comfortable outfit. ODLO combines synthetic fibres with natural fabrics made of merino wool, yak wool, cotton or TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers. With this combination you get the best sportswear and achieve great performances. In addition, ODLO transports by sea, road or rail. So that you can enjoy and explore unspoiled nature for a long time to come.

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