Women Mid layers & longsleeves

Insulating layers crafted for performance, warmth and comfort.

The Active 365 knit hoody

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Vests and midlayers are indispensable for your outdoor sportswear. The vests provide optimum protection against wind and rain and guarantee perfect air exchange. Water repellent materials and protective impregnations ensure the skin remains dry. Rain is kept off and body moisture reliably wicked away. A women vest is a reliable item to have with you during all your activities.

Vests and mid layers for your outdoor experience

ODLO has vests for every level of activity. Light running vests that keep the wind out, fleece vests, or winter vests with S-THERMIC technology or cocoon processing - you´re sure to find a favourite item at ODLO. Even in summer, it can suddenly turn stormy and there can be short showers. If you are out and about in the forest, by the lake or in the mountains, the wrong clothes can ruin your day. A vest for ladies or a long-sleeved shirt are not only lightweight and can be packed in a small space, they provide perfect wind protection too. You can defy the elements and enjoy your day outdoors to the full.

Running vests for women

The running vests are especially thin and light and offer you optimal wind protection. So that the cool air doesn't whistle through your T-shirt, you can protect sensitive body parts from cooling down with a women vest. Optimum breathability is provided by running vests that only have the protective function at the front and are particularly air-permeable at the back. Running vests with an insulating inner lining are also a good choice for winter jogging. The sleeveless women vests offer you a high degree of freedom of movement and fit under your running jacket.

Outdoor vests for women for every season

Hiking and trekking tours can sometimes be affected by sudden changes in the weather. One moment the mountain tops were still in bright sunshine, then it suddenly became foggy with thick rain clouds. Be optimally prepared by having a women vest in your backpack. Insulating materials such as fleece, merino or yak wool create an excellent balance between a comfortable body temperature and required breathability. Unpleasant odours don't stand a chance thanks to the natural fibres. Whether hiking or Nordic Walking - you´ll love moisture-regulating women vests, making your outdoor activities an unforgettable experience.

Women vests for frosty temperatures

Even if the thermometer is well below zero, a warming women vest means you can spend a day Skiing on the slopes and cross-country ski runs. The sleeveless outdoor clothing keeps your torso especially warm, still allowing for an exchange of air. This keeps your skin dry during rapid descents or sweat-inducing ski tours. Cocoon vests are lined with down and despite the voluminous material are particularly soft and robust. The hood and the high collar ensure that snow and wind do not get through and that you always maintain an optimal body temperature.

Mid layer

The long-sleeved shirts, which are worn as an outer layer or under a jacket or women vest in a three-layer principle, are ready to wear at all temperature and performance levels. For running, cycling or hiking, the midlayers are a good choice because they they manage moisture extremely well. Moisture from the outside is kept out and body moisture is reliably wicked away from the first layer, so you stay dry during your sporting activities. Midlayers for cold days have a warm insulating layer, usually made of merino or yak wool. A combination of natural fibres and innovative technologies do not absorb unpleasant odours and are comfortable to wear. In winter, you can wear the long-sleeved shirts over your functional sports underwear and your movements are never restricted when cross-country skiing or on the Alpine slopes.

Waistcoats & mid layers for women - 100% performance guaranteed

A functional outdoor outfit is really important so that you feel comfortable at all times during your activities, defying the elements. Being sweaty and very cold is unpleasant, but you can perform at your best relying on moisture-regulating and breathable sportswear.

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