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After a busy day at the office, all you want to do is slip into your sportswear and go for a run through the forest. For an extended trek, you need to be equipped with the right ladies' sports trousers to withstand all sorts of extreme weather conditions, but likewise for less intensive sports such as Yoga or Pilates - the right sports trousers offering maximum flexibility are essential.

ODLO meets the high demands of nature-lovers and offers the perfect ladies' sports trousers for every level of fitness. Not only is practical use important - the managing the body climate also demands a great deal from your sports trousers.

Defy the extreme conditions with the right sports trousers

An extended hike can be a real experience - not just because the view at the destination is phenomenal - but also, and most importantly, if you don't have to compromise when it comes to your outdoor clothing and you enjoy optimal protection in rainy, windy or cold conditions. Even in winter, jogging becomes a breeze, because your trousers provide insulating thermal protection so that the low temperatures don't bother you.

Some ladies' sports trousers are equipped with Ceramiwarm technology for low temperatures. This technology stores up to 3 degrees more heat than conventional fabrics, while also protecting against overheating. You will also find windproof and water-repellent trousers in the ODLO collection, meaning you are sure to find the right pair for all weather conditions.

Running trousers for women

Tight-fitting tights are perfect for endurance sports such as running or cycling. The sports trousers are like a second skin and adapt perfectly to all movements. For the winter, you can wear them with a thin insulating layer, so that your muscles do not cool down - even in frosty temperatures. In spring or summer, ¾-length sports trousers are the first choice for women, especially if they feature our cooling Ceramicool technology. Tights and close-fitting sports trousers are also the perfect as underwear for cross-country and downhill skiing in winter.

A diverse range of sports trousers for your outdoor adventure

Trekking trousers from ODLO offer everything that nature-lovers need. Some of our trousers can be worn in two different lengths - depending on the weather. Zips ensure the quick removal and attachment of the leg sections. ODLO's innovative DualDry technology keeps rain and moisture away from the sports trousers and, depending on the model, they are also thermally insulating or cooling. The Conversion sports trousers have a high elastane content - even when hiking and mountaineering they never restrict your freedom of movement.

As an avid winter sports enthusiast, having the right equipment is extremely important for long days on the slopes or extended cross-country skiing tours. To avoid freezing in winter, ODLO's water-repellent ski trousers are equipped with a war insulating layer, for an optimal body temperature. On the cross-country ski trail, the windproof material keeps the cold wind out and protects your leg muscles from cooling down, without restricting your freedom of movement.

Ladies sports trousers for maximum performance

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of your enthusiasm for sport and your love of nature, at ODLO you will find ladies' sports trousers that meet your high standards. A high-quality material blend consisting of synthetic fibres and naturally warming components or innovative technologies, which absorb moisture from the body and keep unpleasant odours at bay, will make your sports trousers a loyal companion to see you through your active everyday life.

Whether running, cycling, enjoying winter sports or hiking - for every outdoor experience, ODLO offers a wide variety of ladies' sports trousers, delivering a high level of comfort that you will enjoy for a long time to come.

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