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ODLO x Martin Fourcade


Martin Fourcade joins ODLO as global brand ambassador

Martin Fourcade is a legend. A five-time Olympic champion. The most successful French Olympic athlete of all time. A seven-time Olympic medalist (5 gold), winner of twenty-eight World Championship medals (13 gold), 186 World Cup podiums, and seven overall World Cup titles. 

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Traffic is subjective 🙂

Team Odlo X-Alpi athlete Yves Heloury has worn many monikers in his career. Big engine. Young talent. French KV champ. With all the off-season prep now in his legs, is 2024 the year Yves rises to the ranks of trail's elite? 

Find out in our webisode series “Out for More: Season 1,” coming late May.

Base layers and bibs before breakfast and coffee. Is there any other way? 

Scenes from the Swiss Alps, in one of the country’s best areas for three-pass days filled with long climbs and fast, fun descents, complete with layers made for the road and the roads beyond.
At altitude, all year round, the first layers we put next to our skin - from dawn to dusk - are the difference makers, keeping us warm or cool, and most importantly, dry. Be it on windy ascents, take offs, or when unwinding in the wee hours.   
Find the most important layers in our shop. The ones that go directly alongside your skin.

Amidst the pressure, sacrifice and fast-changing trail scene, Team Odlo X-Alpi athlete Marine Quintard has quietly and consistently earned results over the years, taking top spot in last year’s Matterhorn Ultraks Sky race, amongst plenty of others. This season, the small-statured powerhouse looks to find her limits at some of the calendar’s biggest events.
Catch her in our webisode series “Out for More: Season 1,” coming late May.
Heart rate monitor, bibs and base layers on tight. For many, the indispensable pre-ride foundation that fuels days like this — on roads and the roads beyond.
Team manager. Athlete. Entrepreneur. This year marks a return to racing for ultra-athlete, Maxime Grenot, who, after injury, now finds himself at the centre of Team Odlo X-Alpi, acting as runner/manager, leading the team in new directions while targeting his own race objectives.
In a season of fresh starts and new perspectives, catch him in our webisode series “Out for More: Season 1,” coming late May.