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ODLO x Martin Fourcade


Martin Fourcade joins ODLO as global brand ambassador

Martin Fourcade is a legend. A five-time Olympic champion. The most successful French Olympic athlete of all time. A seven-time Olympic medalist (5 gold), winner of twenty-eight World Championship medals (13 gold), 186 World Cup podiums, and seven overall World Cup titles. 

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Last winter, two alpinists cooked up the adventure of a lifetime: an epic ski tour across the Alps.

You saw some glimpses of it along the way, but now we're diving deep into Simon and Guillaume's four-month journey: planning, day-to-day life, environmental changes they witnessed firsthand, and more. 

Read more at the link in bio.
Just two sleeps until ultra-runner @bastien_peron begins his six-day trail race through the Valle d’Aosta. Nutrition planned. Kit laid out. Soon it's time.
Best of luck, Bastien!
First impressions of @mfnordicfestival : good old fashion fun. 

Today’s menu : Ekosport Village opening and @brokenbackmusic concert. Tomorrow, the races. 
This weekend is looking to be a good one.
Day: 26. Kms: 1439. Fjords passed: 52. Physios seen: 1. 

"The body is fighting back, but the mind is always in control."
This week, a few hundred ks in the bag for @jakecatterall. The first serious injury after three weeks of daily ultramarathons - a small quad tear - showed up to make things interesting. Thus, a rest day and visit to a local physio to get the leg sorted. Professional advice for the body, which in turn eases the mind. Remaining present. Accepting the journey. 

Hoping to see Jake back on the asphalt tomorrow.
Consulting director and dad by day. Ultra runner by...daybreak. It's been six years since his last race, but @bastien_peron is back at it. Up before the sun most mornings prepping for the 330km @tordesgeants.

His toughest race yet, but this undertaking is for a cause close to his heart. He'll run to raise funds for @achacunsoneverest - an association that helps women and children heal from cancer.

Just over three weeks to go. Nearly ready. 

📷: @linkaproduction
Day: 8. Kms: 440. Toenails left: 8. Injuries: 1. 

Week one, done. 

@jakecatterall is eight days into his run from Norway to Spain. Some highs, some lows. Some strangers-turned-friends joining for big k days. Swollen knee forces a days rest but overall a solid start.

Next week, Jake pushes for the 1000km mark. Let's go.
Sunblock and base layers: hike-and-fly essentials. Especially when you're cruising along at 3000 metres' altitude in temperatures well below freezing. Pretty cool.

In case you missed it, read about @eliegger's history-making hike-and-fly race through the Alps at the link in bio.
…And he's off! @jakecatterall starts his epic run across Europe today. 

Why is he doing it, where is he going and how can you join for a few kms along the way? Get all the details at the link in bio.